Belfast bar now serving alcohol-free Guinness

A long-awaited alcohol-free version of Ireland’s favourite stout was released earlier this year. So now, even the designated driver can enjoy a pint of the black stuff.

Guinness is one of the things Ireland is famous for and 0.0 was released earlier this year, and now you can try your very own pint as this Belfast bar is now serving alcohol-free Guinness.

Whether you’re the designated driver, are under the legal drinking age, or just don’t drink alcohol, you can now enjoy a pint of the black stuff completely alcohol-free.

Wondering where you can get your hands on it? Read on.

Belfast bar now serving alcohol-free Guinness – in the heart of the city

You can get a Guinness 0.0 at the Morning Star.
Credit: Flickr / William Murphy

The Morning Star on Pottinger’s Entry, close to Victoria Square shopping centre, now offers alcohol-free Guinness as part of their extensive drinks menu.

Having recently installed the Guinness 0.0 taps, even those who don’t drink alcohol can enjoy a pint here.

This cosy 19th-century alehouse is known for its traditional Irish pub feel and is a popular spot with locals in the city.

A guilt-free pint – what to expect

Belfast bar new serving alcohol-free Guinness.
Credit: Ireland Before You Die

As this Belfast bar is now serving alcohol-free Guinness, you may be wondering what to expect.

Outlining the notes of the teetotal stout on their website, Guinness describes the drink as having a “sweet-smelling” aroma, with “coffee and malty” notes.

When it comes to flavour, they claim it has the “perfect balance of bitter and sweet with malt and roast characters.” The palette is described as “smooth, creamy, and balanced”.

When looking at the pint, you’d be fooled into believing it was a genuine pint. The drink has Guinness’ “characteristically dark, ruby coloured” look to it.

Retaining the flavour – a thorough brewing process

The new 0.0 draught is brewed using a cold filtration process.
Credit: Ireland Before You Die

The alcohol-free alternative to the Irish brewery’s signature Guinness Draught is brewed using a new cold filtration process.

This process aims to give the same smooth taste, balanced flavour, and dark colour.

The brewing process of Guinness 0.0 begins in much the same way as the original Guinness Draught. However, the alcohol is then removed using the cold filtration method.

A new pouring system – a world-first

Belfast bar now serving alcohol-free Guinness.

Guinness 0.0 cannot be poured via traditional systems in place in pubs. Thus, it is thanks to Guinness Microdraught taps that pubs can serve this alcohol-free alternative.

Guinness Microdraught is a world-first innovation allowing outlets to serve Guinness Draught on tap, no matter their setup.

This cutting-edge technology means bars throughout Ireland can begin serving alcohol-free Guinness from the end of July.

However, if you’d prefer to enjoy your pint from the comfort of your own home, the canned version of the Irish stout is set to hit stores from the end of August.

So, one Belfast bar is now serving alcohol-free Guinness. Will you go 0% next time you opt for a pint of the black stuff?

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