Sarah Talty

Sarah Talty is a passionate travel writer and journalist from beautiful Clare. She's travelled far and wide across the globe but still firmly believes Ireland is a hidden gem and the beauty on our doorstep remains unrivalled worldwide. Sarah has interviewed everyone from astronauts who've been to the moon to rappers who've been to prison and loves nothing more than researching and writing about something that excites her. However, binging Netflix shows comes a close second.

The top 10 best Irish alcoholic drinks ever, ranked

From Guinness to Gin, here is our rundown of the best alcoholic drinks to ever come out of Ireland.

Limerick ranked in top ten Tinder hotspots in the world

For the first time in December 2018 dating app giant, Tinder released it’s Year in Swipe, which captures the top Tinder trends among...

Monaghan lads travel to stag party by tractor (WATCH)

The Irish are infamous for their stag parties. Irish humour combined with a group of lads all wanting to give their engaged...

Dublin Park Has Been Named One Of The Best In The World

The Phoenix Park recently won a prestigious Gold International Large Parks Award. The Dublin Park was one of only two parks in the world to receive such an award, organised...

IT’S OFFICIAL: The Irish are the happiest people in Europe

It is official everyone, Irish people are the happiest in Europe! Here in Ireland, we have a reputation worldwide for being exceptionally friendly. However, did you know that we’re also...

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