Arranmore Island off the Donegal Coast looking for Residents from America to Boost the Population

The remote island of Arranmore off the coast of County Donegal in the north-west of Ireland has made an appeal for new residents.

The community, which has been dramatically diminishing over the past few years, has written open letters to Americans and Australians offering them a taste of island living.

Farming and fishing industries have traditionally dominated the island but sadly they are no longer careers the local young people appear interested in taking on.

This has resulted in many leaving Arranmore in search of work on the mainland and the population dropping dramatically over 30 years.

With just 469 residents left, the remote piece of land is at risk of losing its economic structure and desperately needs some new people to contribute to the future growth of the island.

A brand new start

The letters offer people living in America and Australia the unique chance of a new life away from the stress of the city.

“Your commute, no matter where you are, will only ever be five minutes,” the letter reads enticingly.

“You’ll have the best diving in Ireland on your doorstep and seafood to rival the tastiest New England chowder.”

Careers in a digital enterprise are specified in the letter as some of the successful professions that have previously thrived on the island.

Graphic designers, digital photographers, app and game developers are all examples of who might best fit the profile.

Arranmore has recently benefited from Ireland’s first ever offshore digital hub and the current Islanders hope this will be an incentive for people who work remote. 

The impressive technological advancements not only means anyone prepared to relocate can work from home surrounded by natural beauty and stunning coastlines.

It also means they can enjoy Internet connections that reportedly work swifter than any office in Dublin, London and even New York.

Location, Location, Location!

With work commitments sorted, new residents can look forward to an alternative way of home life as well.

Located 5Km from the mainland, Arranmore is arguably an ideal spot to raise a young family.

The geographical size of the island measures five miles by three miles wide and boasts a number of unspoiled beaches, sea caves and jagged cliffs.

The natural environment teaches children so much while parents can have peace of mind over the safety of their brood.

Food is organic and there is more than enough open space for children to explore, exercise and play.

There is even that high-speed broadband for those who want to still use the X-Box on rainy days.

Community is small and supportive and the school run would be a piece of cake.

Retirement heaven

For any potential residents who have already retired from the hustle and bustle of a work routine, Arranmore offers the perfect environment for their next life chapter.

Despite the community being minimal, the letters paint a less-than boring picture of social life on the island.

“There are fewer people here than would fit in a couple of Amtrak carriages but enough musicians and good Irish whiskey to keep the party going well into the night,” it reads.

Some people considering the move might even discover they already have ancestral connections with their new home and are simply returning to their roots.

Arranmore is twinned with Beaver Island in Lake Michigan after families evicted from the island in the 1800s ended up settling there.

With advancements in technology and the prospect of clean, fresh, stress-free living, residents hope the letters will reach enough people to give the island the new lease of life it so desperately needs.

It might even become one of the most sought-after places to live in Ireland.

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