Armagh Observatory & Planetarium to live-stream NASA Artemis 1 launch

Artemis 1 is the first in a series of complex missions that will allow human exploration to the Moon and Mars. Armagh Observatory & Planetarium will be live-streaming the event.

Fifty years on from the Apollo Moon landings, NASA is getting ready to send humans back to the Moon. Armagh Observatory & Planetarium is set to live-stream NASA’s Artemis 1 Mission Launch on Monday, 29 August.

At this ticketed event, visitors will be able to witness and experience the launch in real-time. You can choose a slot between 1 pm and 3 pm for the experience.

Nasa Artemis 1 launch – the next step in space exploration

This mission will be the first of many in an increasingly complex series of launches to enable human exploration of the Moon and Mars.

While this will be an uncrewed test flight, the hope is that it will kickstart the next era of crewed space exploration.

Thus, this launch to the Moon is hoped to act as a stepping stone to sending astronauts to Mars for exploration.

Those who watch the live feed will be able to see the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS) take off for the first time from NASA’s modernised Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Armagh Observatory & Planetarium to live-stream the launch – enjoy the event in real-time

Incredible launch on Monday.
Credit: Facebook / NASA Artemis

Armagh Observatory is partnering with global tech firm Cosm to live-stream what will be incredible real-time footage.

The firm is working with Felix & Paul Studios, creators of award-winning immersive entertainment experiences, to capture the launch in 8K.

The live-streamed launch promises an in-depth and up-close look into humanity’s next step into space exploration.

So, you can get your tickets for the event here. Adult tickets are £4.50, while child tickets are £3.50. Also, the event is free for children under three years old.

The first Apollo missions were televised in black and white. However, the planetarium looks forward to visitors enjoying the launch in a more “immersive and experiential way.”

An exciting moment in history – enjoy the launch at the UK and Ireland’s oldest planetarium

The Nasa Artemis 1 launch in Armagh Observatory

Professor Michael G. Burton, Director of the planetarium, said, “We are incredibly excited to be part of the international live stream of the Artemis I Mission launch.

“Space exploration is fascinating. We hope that by screening this event, we will be able to inspire the next generation of astronauts and scientists to engage in STEM subjects.

“As the oldest operating planetarium in the UK and Ireland, Armagh Planetarium is a fitting venue for showcasing this ground-breaking event.”

So, as the oldest operational planetarium in the UK and Ireland, Northern Ireland’s public face of space and astronomy truly is the perfect place to enjoy the launch.

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