An Enchanting Tree House in Donegal is Available on Airbnb – and it is MAGIC

Have you ever wanted to escape for the weekend to your own private little retreat? Well, maybe this is your chance!

This unique tree house is as magical as they come, nestled amongst the treetops in the rugged Donegal landscape.

The Birdbox, as it is named, offers a truly alternative stay in the countryside and promises to offer memories to last a lifetime.

The purpose-built property is available to rent on Airbnb – an online marketplace and accommodation booking platform – and has five-star reviews.

Let’s take a closer look to see what’s all the fuss is about in this enchanting tree house Airbnb in Donegal.

The Property

Hiding in the treetops amongst natural flora and fauna the Bird House, a unique stay in County Donegal.

No matter how seasoned an adventurer you are, we think this just may be one of the most magnificent stays in all of Ireland on Airbnb!

Being purpose-built, this tree house will not conform to your general assumptions. This is more like a tiny house that happens to be suspended in the tree canopy. Not some eight-year-olds playhouse!

With string lights illuminating its wooden exterior, the mini property is blanketed by the dense forest.

Handcrafted with love, the host explains that the Bird Box is “nestled in the branches of beautiful mature oak and Scots pine trees. To the front are stunning views towards Glenveagh National Park.”

In terms of location, the host explains, “a short distance from The Wild Atlantic Way, The Birdbox is ideal for a fun, peaceful getaway or a great base from which to explore Donegal.”

Two additional and unusual stays exist in close proximity to the Bird Box. These include the Hide and The Cow Shed, both of which are also hosted local owners by Anna and Pete.

The Fine Details

This handcrafted stay in the surroundings of Donegal is as magical as they come. Saying that the treehouse is only suitable for adults.

The property consists of only one bed and sleeps two guests. There is a 30-metre walkway which leads to the tree house’s private deck amidst the treetop canopy. 

The tree house sits five metres off the ground at the lowest part, ensuring that those with a fear of heights won’t be too out their comfort zone!

Upon entering the tree house, guests will be besotted with quirky interiors and a charming homeliness so synonymous with the Irish countryside.

There are a cosy couch, a wood-burning stove, and a small kitchenette. Although the cooking area is complete with a stove top, grill, small fridge and ice box, it is important to remember that this is a tiny house.

Amenities like a microwave, electric kettle and toaster have been eliminated due to space restrictions. Toast, however, can be made under the grill and hot water for tea or coffee can be found by boiling water on the hob.

A small toilet and shower-room exist in the treehouse, and hot water runs freely through the property.

Due to the nature of this unique home, those who are very tall may find the space somewhat uncomfortable. There is a head clearance of about 1.9 metres in the shower and on the mezzanine where the bedroom is.

Note: guests will not be able to stand up straight on the narrow stairs which lead up to the bedroom above the living area and kitchen. Most people should be able to kneel comfortably, however.

The bedroom itself offers a double bed and home comforts. Aspects of this tiny house make the space liveable as well as functional; footstools and coffee tables double up as storage units and fold-away furniture maximises space when not in use.

A washing machine and dryer are available in a nearby outhouse.

The Reviews

Although this Airbnb is new to the market, it has top reviews across the board!

One guest summarised their stay: “Absolutely fantastic! The Birdbox is such an impressive space – you can really tell how every inch has been carefully thought out.”

“That, paired with the utterly beautiful landscape and view of Glenveagh National Park makes this a must see! Hosts were very friendly and welcoming and will do anything to ensure you enjoy your stay – they’re also knowledgeable about the area and have some great tips! Cannot wait to come back!”

While this is a recent addition to Airbnb, the home has received a great reception. In the future, it is bound to be booked months in advance so secure your stay soon and revel in the majesty of this unique tree house in Donegal.

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