Adrian Dunbar explores coastal Ireland in new show airing this week

The two-part show, which sees Fermanagh actor Adrian Dunbar explore the Irish coast, is set to air this week.

The past year has been one filled with restrictions on travel and movement throughout Ireland and the rest of the world. Therefore, it is no wonder many of us are missing holidays and craving an adventure as soon as possible.

For now, though, governments worldwide are advising against travel to stop the spread of COVID-19, so it might be a while before we can explore somewhere new.

For those who had hoped to explore the wonders and the hidden gems of the Emerald Isle this year, you may have the chance to live vicariously through a new two-part series set to air on Channel 5 this week.

Live vicariously through your screen – explore Ireland with Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Dunbar explores coastal Ireland.
Screenshot from promotional video. Twitter / @AfroMicPro

Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland is a brand new show featuring the Fermanagh actor best known for his role as Ted Hastings on the police drama Line of Duty.

The series follows Dunbar as he explores his home country of Ireland from the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way to the breathtaking Causeway Coast.

Commenting on the series, Channel 5 said, “Covering over 600 miles, Adrian visits breathtaking locations, drives beautiful coastal roads, sees fantastic feats of engineering, and tastes amazing cuisine.

“He meets up with old friends and makes new ones along the way.”

Exploring his home country – discovering new places

Mizen Head is his first stop.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Like many who grew up in Ireland, there are many places across the island that Dunbar had not yet had the chance to explore.

As Channel 5 states, “Adrian shares some of his favourite places and fulfils ambitions as he makes it to locations he’s always wanted to see.”

The series was produced by Belfast based production company Afro-mic, who were commissioned in early 2020.

However, as COVID took grip across the globe, shooting had to be put on hold, and the completion of the series began to look unlikely.

By working within government guidelines and receiving additional support from Tourism Ireland and Northern Ireland Screen, managing director Emma-Rosa Dias and the team at Afro-Mic were able to pull off this fantastic two-part series.

Making the most of easing restrictions – working within guidelines

Adrian Dunbar explores coastal Ireland.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Filming took place in September 2020 when restrictions were eased across Ireland and abiding by safety protocols while also doing justice to the inspiring Irish scenery was the crew’s main priority.

From the promotional pictures and clips we have seen, it looks like the team have done a great job of conveying the inspiring beauty of the Irish coastline.

Episode one opens with Dunbar looking out over the wild waters of the Atlantic Ocean at Ireland’s most southerly point, Mizen Head before making his way north to County Sligo.

Episode two follows Dunbar as he explores Northern Ireland. Passing into Derry by ferry from Donegal, he makes his way along the stunning North Antrim coast before ending the series in the beautiful surroundings of the Mourne Mountains.

So, if you want to watch Adrian Dunbar exploring coastal Ireland from the comfort of your own home, make sure to tune in to Channel 5 this Thursday, 4 February.

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