A unique bottle of Irish whiskey up for auction could sell for €10,000

People often throw caution to the wind when buying a drink for friends but this takes it to another level.

A rare bottle of Cassidy and Co. Monasterevin whiskey is up for auction this month and it is expected to fetch an impressive €10,000 ($12,500).

Gaelic words ‘Uisce Beatha’ translated to ‘Water of Life’ is often used to describe whiskey in Ireland and this extravagant 140-year-old bottle is most deserving of the title.

Expensive taste

The Cassidy family, who owned a whiskey mill in Kildare during the 1700s until 1921, produced the unique Irish whiskey.

The bottle in question, which will be auctioned at Victor Mee Auctions in Co. Cavan over Wednesday and Thursday, July 30/31, 2019, is one of only two in the world.

It is being sold in its rare 1800s packaging and the original hand-blown bottle.

At a price tag in the region of €10,000, the lucky bidder will no doubt be keeping it for a very special occasion. Needless to say, this is one of the most expensive Irish whiskies.

Cassidy & Co. Monasterevin is an extremely rare Irish whiskey with only one other bottle like it displayed in the Irish Whiskey Museum.

The latter will never be consumed as long as it is on display, leaving the bottle up for auction a once in a lifetime purchase opportunity.

Drink responsibly

If the new owner does decide to taste it, however, they should prepare themselves for an experience far beyond that of a glass of your average ‘Uisce Beatha’.

After being left to mature for more than one hundred years there is a good chance it will be a lot stronger than your usual tipple, not to mention the taste being exquisitely unique.

But it might not be the last chance to buy a bottle of whiskey from the Kildare distillery.

Since its closure in 1921, the mill has been restored and available to investors interested in getting it back in business.

Irish celebrities, including Bono, are believed to be funding Paddy McKillen’s plans for the re-opening of the distillery as well as a visitor centre at the site.

The bottles on sale may be slightly younger than 140 years but it is certainly worth watching out for updates if you are a fan of Irish whiskey.

An impressive Lot!

Credit: Victor Mee Auctions Ltd, Facebook

The Victor Mee Auction Lot 907 includes over 1,000 items obtained from the Clermont Pub in Blackrock, Dublin.

The rare bottle of whiskey is by far the most impressive item available but there are also plenty of other delightfully unique pieces that may be more affordable.

A range of quirky memorabilia including old ceramic ashtrays, Guinness advertisement plaques and classic records make up the impressive Lot.

While a variety of (not so rare) bottles of whiskey are up for grabs for slightly lighter price tags.

To buy your very own little piece of history you can view all the items HERE and make sure you attend the auction next week.

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