8 Of The Most Unique Holiday Rentals In Ireland

Ireland has an abundance of top quality, lux hotels to allow you to pamper away the weekend and indulge yourself. There are also numerous campgrounds allowing you to feel more at one with nature and save a few pennies to spend on activities like zip lining or sea kayaking!

But what if you crave something a little different, a little out of the ordinary. Here is my list of unique holiday rentals around the country.

8. A Castle

It’s Ireland, you knew a castle would feature somewhere on here! I stayed at the Ballyportry Gaelic Tower a few years ago with some friends and have been dreaming of it ever since. I will warn you that it is an old, stone tower you are staying in so be prepared for the winding stone staircases and chilly corridors.

The beds are so comfortable and the large fireplaces make those rooms so cozy but it is the feeling of having stepped back in time and getting to experience castle life that really made it for me. I went with a big group of friends (8) and everyone had somewhere warm to sleep. I did go in winter so to all the Game of Thrones fans out there, this is your own Winterfell experience but with heating, and fewer direwolves. Located beside the Burren this 15th century restored building is a great base from which to explore the Wild Atlantic Way (and visit Father Ted’s House!) Check the link for information on rates and note there is a minimum stay of 3 nights.

Check out this link for more information here.

7. A Traditional Pub

Ireland has its fair share of pubs but did you know that Airbnb has one you can rent for your very own! Complete with a traditional bar this unique property in the Tipperary countryside is sure to tick the boxes for a fun, rural staycation. The property sleeps 4 with two double bedrooms and has a living room with a hearth for fireside chats with mates.

There are also chickens out the back and a fairy workshop nearby to keep the littles entertained. Prices quoted on Airbnb say €100 a night plus service fee so contact Dave and Erron for more information. For money off your stay try using this link.

Check out this link for more information here.

6. A Lighthouse

via Dan Stenson

There are a number of lighthouses around Ireland’s stunning coastline from Blackhead in Antrim to Galley Head in Cork. Many offer the opportunity to walk up to the top of the lighthouse to see incredible views out over the sea and coastal regions whilst staying in updated lighthouse keeper’s cottages on-site.

But did you know you can stay inside the octagonal tower itself at Wicklow Head lighthouse? Bingo, lighthouse goals achieved! This is a pricey option from the Irish Landmark Trust (minimum booking of 2 nights and over €550 for a 2-night visit) but what a unique way to spend the weekend! Built in 1781 it continues to play a vital role in maritime safety with the automatic operating system in use since 1994. Check out the website for more information on this and other lighthouses operated by the Irish Landmark Trust.

Check out this link for more information here.

5. A Georgian Town House

I don’t know about you but I have always admired the stunning Georgian architecture in Dublin’s city center. Now is your chance to grab a few friends and rent out your own Georgian Townhouse tucked away in the centrally located Portobello. Right by the canal and close to all the bars and restaurants you could need this beautifully modernized, Georgian townhouse maintains original features to perfectly blend the old and new. With 2 double bedrooms and one twin room and 1.5 baths this place sleeps 6 people and is a steal from about €450 per night.

Check out this link for more information here.

4. Boathouse

This place has long been on my must visit list, so don’t y’all go booking it up on me now! This idyllic looking lakeside locale in Whitegate, Co Clare has such an incredible setting that even on an overcast day you can enjoy the lake views from the comfort of your cozy boathouse. Lough Derg has long been hailed as a beauty in itself so why not add a bonnet to that beauty with this self-contained rental. Suitable for 2 people with a real bed and private veranda, complete with bbq Barry has really surpassed himself with this spot.

Needless to say this place is in high demand and booking in advance is crucial. Prices are about €75 per night so contact Barry on Airbnb for availability.

Check out this link for more information here.

3. A Horse-drawn caravan

via Clissmann Caravans

This may be a nostalgic option as it certainly makes me think of Enid Blyton stories, which I adored reading as a child. What an incredibly memorable way to spend a summer break. Clissmann Horse Caravans are located in Wicklow and I may be biased in thinking Wicklow has some of the most delightful countrysides in Ireland. Where better to enjoy leisurely trundles along quiet country roads in your colorful, ultimate throwback caravan.

These caravans have two double beds and a bunk so you can imagine it is a bit of a squeeze but sure isn’t that part of the charm. Perhaps limit the number of beans brought on the trip, for everyone’s sake! Full training is provided before your trip to help you feel comfortable being responsible for a caravan but more importantly for a horse. I love how there are dedicated pitching spots where you can park the caravan for the night (for a fee) and avail of the facilities (as well as grass and water for the horse) at various B&B, farms, and pubs in the area. Prices vary so do contact Nessa at Clissmanns on the website.

Check out this link for more information here.

2. A transport themed accommodation park

Enniscrone is a beautiful spot at the best of times but when you throw in David McGowan’s transport themed holiday rental idea to the mix you have what promises to be a fantastically, unique holiday experience. While this property is not open yet (time of writing Aug 2017) watch this space.

The rentals include a Boeing 767, converted London buses and black taxis as well as train carriages. While this has the potential to be an incredibly unusual holiday rental option it does, unfortunately, remain a dream as yet. In the meantime check out the website for information.

Check out this link for more information here.

1. A Forest dome

These domes at Finn Lough are so reminiscent of the coveted, booked out years in advance glass igloos in Finnish Lapland and should certainly be on the list of unique holiday rentals. From the privacy of your own bubble dome, nestled in the woodlands of County Fermanagh you can enjoy some stargazing from your 4 poster bed.

These domes come complete with the ensuite and Nespresso machine! Absolute notions, am I right?! Breakfast is available from the on-site restaurant and the domes are spaced out so you do not feel as if you are being watched despite having 180 degrees see through walls. From £195 per night, these domes don’t come cheap but in comparison to the price of their Finnish counterparts, it’s a steal.

More info on this property is available here.

This article was written by Ciara Mc Nally. For money off your stay on AirBnb properties try using this link and check out Ciara’s blog for more ideas for vacations and staycations.

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