8 incredible works of Irish art which are perfect for your home

There’s nothing better to brighten up a room than a gorgeous piece of art. Here are eight incredible works of Irish art perfect for your home.

Whether you currently live in Ireland, are an ex-pat living abroad, or just love the Emerald Isle as a holiday destination, Irish art is the perfect way to add character and a little Irish charm to your home.

As such a beautiful country well known for its rugged coastlines, sweeping landscapes, and rolling countryside, it is no surprise that Ireland has been the muse of many artists for centuries.

One such artist is Kathryn Callaghan, a talented artist from Northern Ireland who takes inspiration from the world around her to create beautiful pieces full of colour and energy.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect piece of Irish art to add to your home, here are some incredible works that are currently available on the IB4UD shop.

8. Dublin Doors – inspired by Georgian Dublin

The iconic Dublin Doors.
Credit: Kathryn Callaghan

When it comes to iconic Dublin images, one of the things you think of is the beautiful Georgian townhouses with their colourful doors.

Callaghan’s Dublin Doors piece features a sunny yellow door, visited by two little city sparrows that is sure to add some colour and a perfect reminder of Ireland’s capital city to any room in your home.

Available on the IB4UD Shop: View Product.

7. The Mournes – where the mountains sweep down to the sea

Irish art showing the Mournes.
Credit: Kathryn Callaghan

An idyllic piece of the County Down countryside, the Mourne Mountains tower above the surrounding landscape before sweeping down to the Irish Sea.

Callaghan’s colourful piece shows the Mournes from Minerstown Beach in Downpatrick and is perfect for hikers and lovers of the natural world.

Available on the IB4UD Shop: View Product.

6. Trinity College – an iconic Dublin monument

Trinity College Dublin.
Credit: Kathryn Callaghan

Trinity College sits proudly at the heart of Dublin City Centre and houses the famous Book of Kells.

It is well-known by locals and tourists alike as a renowned university that has produced notable alumni, such as Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett.

Featuring the iconic campanile that sits on the serene college green, this beautiful piece of Irish art is not only perfect for Trinity alumni.

Available on the IB4UD Shop: View Product.

5. Mussenden – a beautiful coastal scene

Irish art showing Mussenden.
Credit: Kathryn Callaghan

This stunning piece of Irish art shows the historic Mussenden Temple standing atop the cliff overlooking Downhill Beach and the Atlantic Ocean below.

The perfect reminder of days exploring Ireland’s beautiful northern coastline.

Available on the IB4UD Shop: View Product.

4. Dunluce Castle – a perfect reminder of Ireland

Dunluce Castle.
Credit: Kathryn Callaghan

Aside from its rolling green countryside and magnificent coastal stretches, one thing that evokes memories and images of Ireland is historic castles and ancient ruins.

This colourful piece showing the historic Dunluce Castle that sits proudly on the cliff on the Causeway Coast is the perfect reminder of Northern Ireland.

Available on the IB4UD Shop: View Product.

3. Belfast Cranes – Belfast’s colourful giants

Irish art showing the Belfast Cranes.
Credit: Kathryn Callaghan

The Harland and Wolff cranes that tower above the Belfast skyline in the city’s Titanic Quarter are the perfect reminder of Northern Ireland’s shipbuilding history.

This piece, which is part of Callaghan’s ‘On location’ collection, shows Samson and Goliath, the famous yellow cranes, in all their glory as they are visited by a pair of starlings.

Available on the IB4UD Shop: View Product.

2. The Giant’s Causeway – an iconic image of Northern Ireland

The Giant's Causeway.
Credit: Kathryn Callaghan

As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Northern Ireland, there is no better reminder of the beautiful country than with a piece of Irish art depicting the hexagonal basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway.

This beautiful piece depicts the craggy nature of the Causeway Coast from the perspective of the Giant’s Causeway, which sits below the cliffs towering above.

Available on the IB4UD Shop: View Product.

1. The Black Stuff – the perfect reminder of Ireland in its entirety

A stunning piece of Irish art.
Credit: Kathryn Callaghan

If you can’t quite decide which Irish landmark you’d most like to bring home with you, then this piece showing a pint of the Black Stuff might be the perfect one for you.

If there is one thing Ireland is known for besides its beautiful scenery, it’s a frothy pint of Guinness, making this fantastic piece of Irish art the perfect reminder of the Emerald Isle.

Available on the IB4UD Shop: View Product.

About the artist – Kathryn Callaghan

Kathryn Callaghan is a prolific artist from Northern Ireland known for her distinctive colourful style.

Inspired by the beautiful world that surrounds her every day, her art is created using a honey-like mix of ink and gel that is poured freestyle onto the image surface, leaving her stunning pieces free from pencil marks.

Evoking the life and energy of her subjects through her distinctive colourful style, Callaghan’s work is popular with private collectors, art galleries, interior designers, and other trade sectors across Ireland, the U.K. and the U.S.A.

You can shop her incredible pieces on the IB4UD shop.

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