74% of Irish men now go meat-free at least 1 day every week, survey reveals

A new survey conducted by Lough Erne Resort ahead of Father’s Day reveals new insights into the lives of modern Irish men.

A recent survey conducted by County Fermanagh’s Lough Erne Resort to celebrate Fathers’ Day on 19 June has revealed that 74% of Irish men now go meat-free at least one day every week.

Collecting results from more than 3,500 men and women from Northern Ireland and the Republic, the survey revealed the top three traits of the modern Irish man.

The survey revealed a host of interesting information, highlighting the things that men value as important today.

Family first – the most important thing

The survey revealed new insights into the lives of Irish men.
Credit: Pixabay / Peggy_Marco

The survey not only revealed the surprising statistic that 74% of Irish men now go meat-free at least one day every week. Rather, it highlighted the things that modern Irish men prioritise in life.

Of those sampled, 26 per cent stated that making time for family and friends was most important to them. Thus, making up the largest proportion of the group.

Staying on the theme of family, this was closely followed by 19 per cent saying that providing for their family was most important to them.

Taking the third spot, 13 per cent of those surveyed revealed that being open about their feelings was their top priority. This reassuring statistic shows a positive shift in the attitude towards mental health among Irish men.

Similarly, discussing mental health and openly showing affection took fourth and fifth position with nine and eight per cent respectively.

74% of Irish men now go meat-free at least one day every week ‒ a shift in eating habits

74% of Irish men now go meat-free one day every week.
Credit: Pixabay / RitaE

Perhaps one of the most surprising statistics, the survey revealed that a whopping 74% of Irish men now go meat-free at least one day per week.

This shift in eating habits follows alongside the rising trend of vegetarian and vegan diets among the Irish population. Those surveyed revealed that their choice to eat veggie one day per week was in an attempt to pursue a more balanced diet.

It is not just the eating habits of Irish men that have shifted in recent years. Rather, 75 per cent of respondents also revealed they prepare the dinner in the house at least once a week or more.

Similarly, almost 40 per cent revealed they cook at least two to three times per week.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic ‒ bringing huge changes

Irish men are now more active in the kitchen.
Credit: Pixabay / 089photoshootings

One of the most common themes among those surveyed showed that more than half believe the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant positive impact on modern men.

Over 40 per cent revealed that the pandemic nurtured more participation in the home. Many have become more active in the kitchen and in household chores.

Since the pandemic, nearly a third revealed that men are much more protective of loved ones now than before. Similarly, 28 per cent believe the pandemic has helped men to open up and talk more about their thoughts and feelings.

The survey also highlighted trends in recreational activities. Of those surveyed, 13 per cent revealed their favourite way to spend time was dining with family and friends.

This was closely followed by watching sport and taking part in sport, 12 and 11 per cent respectively. Relaxing with family also ranked in the top five with 12 per cent. 

Final words – a shift in work-life balance

74% of Irish men now go meat-free one day every week.
Credit: Facebook / @lougherneresort

Joanne Walsh is General Manager of Lough Erne Resort. She said, “The impact of Covid-19 has been felt by everyone, everywhere. It is no surprise that it has shifted men’s perspectives.

“Here at the Lough Erne Resort, since reopening, we have noticed people truly embracing their freedom once more, enjoying every moment with each other.

“We see daily, first-hand, how the modern man is now prioritising a work-life balance. So, we are not surprised spending quality time with loved ones ranks high among respondents.

“We welcome so many men and their partners/families at Lough Erne Resort looking to celebrate their ‘down time’ together, enjoying our activities and appreciating the range of the well-balanced, nutritious meals on offer.

“At Lough Erne Resort, we provide the ultimate escape from the day-to-day grind and offer the perfect setting to spend quality time with loved ones.”

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