7 hot Belfast clubs: one for every night of the week

Your definitive guide to going “out-out” in Belfast – clubs for every night of the week!

So you want to party in Belfast clubs, but you want to find the spot where everyone is going to be on a Tuesday.

Belfast has a spectacular up-and-coming nightlife scene that is so varied you can go to a different club every night of the week and it’ll be a completely different vibe. Techno, RnB, pop, and straight-up cheesy tunes…read on to find out where to have a great night in Belfast.

1. Monday – Scratch Mondays – Limelight

Limelight hosts a great Monday night  event, Scratch Mondays is a must try at the start of the week.
Credit: @limelightbelfast / Facebook

One of Belfast’s biggest club nights, Scratch Mondays, are legendary on the Belfast club scene. With three rooms to choose from, you can dance to whatever you’re feeling that night; Limelight 1 plays dance, hip hop, chart music, and RnB; Katy’s Bar plays singalong indie tunes; and Limelight 2 plays cheesy 90’s songs.

Cop a double-vodka Red Bull for £3.50 or sink a shot of chocolate tequila while you sing “Stacy’s Mom” in Limelight 2. Everyone’s secret club dream.

Address: 17 Ormeau Ave, Belfast BT2 8HD

2. Tuesday – Craic’s 90 – Filthy McNasty’s

Craic's 90 in Filthy McNasty's is a great club to try if you're looking for something to do on Tuesdays.

Craic’s 90 was a club night once held in the legendary Box (GBNF) in the Odyssey but has now found a new home in Filthy McNasty’s on Shaftesbury Square. This means you get the best of Craic’s 90’s tequila shots for 90p along with Filthy’s labyrinth of lousy decisions for the best night.

If your feet get sore from dancing, you can have a cocktail in the gypsy lounge, and Filthy’s is also conveniently placed on a street of takeaways. What more can you ask for?

Address: 45 Dublin Rd, Belfast BT2 7HD

3. Wednesday – FAT Wednesdays – LUX

Wednesdays is a great day to head to LUX, one of the greatest Belfast clubs you can experience.
Credit: @luxbelfast / Facebook

The perfect club if you’ve been on the pints in Cathedral Quarter and want a place where you can boogie. There are VIP tables with free bubbly, 99p drinks, and doughnuts served throughout the club!

They stay open until 2.30 am which is late for Belfast’s clubbing scene. Pose for a photo and you might end up in the Belfast Telegraph’s nightlife section! What a proud moment that will be for the parents.

Address: 16 Dunbar St, Belfast BT1 2LH

4. Thursday – SWITCH – Thompson’s Garage

Another of the best Belfast clubs are Thompson's garage, especially on Thursday.
Credit: @switch.thompsons.7 / Facebook

Belfast’s love-it or hate-it nightclub – Thompson’s is the home of Belfast’s techno and electronic scene. Cut down Thompson’s Alley beside Belfast’s City Hall and enter into Belfast’s urban wonderland. You’re always guaranteed to get a good DJ in Thompson’s, and the drinks are so cheap, it’s probably dangerous.

There is more of a grimy underground vibe to this club, so if you don’t mind your shoes sticking to the floor and industrial vibes you can truly appreciate its charm. The smoking area is a separate club in itself, with two levels, heat lamps, another bar and good tunes. Thompson’s is also conveniently near McDonald’s, perfect for any night out.

Address: 3 Pattersons Pl, Belfast BT1 4HW

5. Friday – HOWL – Ulster Sports Club

Another of the top Belfast clubs, the Ulster Sports Club is a must-visit on Friday nights.
Credit: @mykindabelfast / Facebook

A new club night on the scene, Ulster Sports Club’s Friday night HOWL is growing in popularity quickly. They serve eight kinds of tequila, an eclectic range of IPA’s, and a spirits list as long as your arm.

They describe themselves as “less than polished”, concentrating on creating a great night rather than superficial aspects of the industry. The tunes have been rated 10/10, and a review on Facebook said their urinals smell like jaffa cakes so I suppose that’s good.

Address: 96-98 High St, Belfast BT1 2BG

6. Saturday – Ollie’s

Looking a classier night in one of the best Belfast clubs, try Ollie's, a snazzy nightclub that comes alive on Saturdays.
Credit: @olliesbelfast / Facebook

Ollie’s has a fancier vibe to it, so put on your best outfit and shoes before heading here. Owned and placed beside the formidable Merchant Hotel, Ollie’s used to be old bank vaults before the hotel opened and converted the space into a club.

This means there are various rooms and hallways to explore in the venue, making it perfect for group nights out. Get a pic on the famous Ollie’s swing, buy a cocktail that costs far more than you can afford, and soak up the glamour before you are faced with your aching bank account the next morning.

Address: 35 – 39 Waring St, Belfast BT1 2DZ

7. Sunday – INDUSTRY – Kremlin

Kremlin is one of the best Belfast clubs, and Sundays have never been more fun.

Where else can you say you attended a Soviet-themed gay club? Admission is FREE on a Sunday, and the music plays until 2.30 am so you can dance the night away. You are always guaranteed to get a dance to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, and if you want to feel like a celebrity, you can jump up on their stage and dance.

£5 cocktails in their Tsar bar, a free mixer with every spirit, and £1 shot pong for Belfast based charity the SOS bus, Kremlin is bound to give you a great night and a sore head on Monday morning. Worth it though!

Address: 96 Donegall St, Belfast BT1 2GW

See, you’re spoiled for choice! We hope to see all your lovely drunken faces in the next round of club pics for the Belfast Telegraph, and hope you have a fantastic night wherever you end up!

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