Irish at Heart: 6 amazing Irish gifts to give someone on St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, we’re getting ready to embrace the Irish in all of us. Here are six things from the new Irish at Heart shop we think would make perfect Irish gifts for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day is unsurprisingly one of our favourite holidays—a chance to celebrate Ireland and Irish culture with friends and family. If you’re like us, you’re already planning your outfit for your local St. Patrick’s Day parade, and you’re already shopping for gifts to give the special Irish people in your life.

We’d heard great things about the newly launched Irish at Heart subscription box, which has already delivered an enormous amount of Irish grá around the world, so we’ve asked them what their most popular items have been since launching.

If you’re looking for Irish gifts for St. Patrick’s Day, here are Irish at Heart’s six most popular items from their themed, curated surprise boxes of Irish creativity to wear, share, use, and display. A pretty cool concept, we have to say! They’re of course keeping the content of their St. Patrick’s Day box a surprise (oh, the suspense!), but until then, here’s a tasting menu of some of their other offerings.

1. Celtic pashmina  

6 of the best Irish gifts for St. Patrick's Day include a Celtic pashmina

This eye-catching green pashmina can be dressed up or dressed down, and while it won’t stand up to the cold of an Irish winter, it seems like the ideal accessory for watching the sunset on a mild spring or summer evening – worn as a light scarf or draped over your shoulders for a touch of whimsical sophistication.

Softly adorned with golden Celtic swirls, this delicate pashmina was part of Irish at Heart’s very first subscription box, and sparked quite the avalanche of FOMO for those who hadn’t already signed up…

2. Romping through Gulliver’s Travels

6 of the best Irish gifts for St. Patrick's Day this Gulliver's Travels book

Too long; didn’t read? No problem, because we’ve found a way to take a lightning commute through Gulliver’s Travels—and to pick up some Dubliner insights along the way. This pocketbook provides a light-hearted introduction to Irish author Jonathan Swift’s satirical masterpiece for those who’ve not yet conquered yet—and an ideal companion for those that already have.

It is part of a series from “At It Again”, which strives to make the rich heritage of Irish literature more accessible to a global audience through playful synopses, maps, quotes and illustrations.

This charming book not only gives you a sneak peek into the novel, but also a Swiftian perspective of Dublin, the author’s hometown.

3. Shamrock jewellery

6 of the best Irish gifts for St. Patrick's Day include shamrock jewellery

You don’t need to wait for St. Patrick’s Day to deck yourself out in shamrocks. You could start with this set from Trinity and Co., which lends an elegant twist on the traditional green. Available in both silver and rose gold, the pendant and earring pairing could be a nice complement to any outfit and a subtle token of your Celtic heritage.

Subscribers to Irish at Heart received this charming jewellery as part of a Shamrock-themed box that was delivered in August, with each and every item rooted to the national flower of the Emerald Isle.

4. Seaweed mask

This seaweed mask is a nourishing gift

There’s nothing like the Wild Atlantic waters of Connemara to revitalise your skin, and if you can’t actually come to Connemara, no problem—this nourishing seaweed mask can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Conscientiously crafted by the small crew at Mungo Murphy’s, this is a pamper product that can brighten both your complexion and your spirit. To use it, you just have to combine a teaspoon of seaweed powder with your preferred base (oil, honey water, etc.), smooth over your face, and let your skin soak up the hydrating energy of the Celtic Sea. Voila!

5. Brown soda bread mix

Give someone a taste of Ireland with this soda bread mix

While all the items in Irish at Heart’s subscription boxes are curated to give you a taste of Ireland, this mouth-watering mix for homemade soda bread takes the task literally.

Wherever you are in the world, you can feast on the simple culinary delight of Ireland thanks to Big Red Kitchen. The small Boyne Valley business has done all the work here, so you can just crack an egg, splash in some milk, and pop this brown soda bread mix in the oven. 

No traditional Irish meal is complete without a hearty loaf of brown soda bread on the side, making this a tasty inclusion to November’s “Granny’s Cottage” themed box.

6. Irish cottage turf burner

This turf burner would make a great gift

If the scent of freshly baked bread wasn’t enough to evoke the essence of Ireland in your home, this delightfully peaty turf burner is sure to do the trick.

Simply light it, close your eyes, and breathe in the rich, comforting scent of a cosy winter’s night in an Irish cottage. If you know a friend who’s a bit homesick, this would be the perfect gift to make them feel closer to their roots on Irish soil.

There you have them: our six recommended Irish gifts for St. Patrick’s Day. Like what you’ve seen here? Get your Irish spirit from somewhere other than a bottle this St. Patrick’s Day, and sign up for your very own Little Green Box.

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