50 adorable and unique Irish boys names

They may be weird and wonderful, but these 50 adorable and unique Irish boys names are absolutely unforgettable.

Irish names, much like the language itself, are difficult to comprehend, even at the best of times.

That being said, we would love to be seeing a lot more of these 50 adorable and unique Irish boys names.

50. Brion – honourable and strong

Brion is first up on our list of unique Irish boys names.
Credit: Pixabay / @AdinaVoicu

Brion is simply a variation of Brian; it means ‘honourable’ and ‘strong’.

49. Clancy – a rare name nowadays

You don’t often hear the name Clancy these days, but if you do, you now know it means ‘red-haired warrior’.

48. Blaine – slender and angular

Blaine is another one of our adorable and unique Irish boys names. It means ‘slender’ and ‘angular’ in Irish.

47. Fallon – a unique unisex name

This Irish unisex name means ‘leader’.

46. Connelly – love and friendship

If you’re seeking a name that communicates positive messages of love and friendship, Connelly is the way to go.

45. Daly – also an Irish surname

Daly means counsellor.
Credit: Flickr / JourneyPure Rehab

The name, Daly, is both a first and last name. It derives from the word ‘counsellor’.

44. Donal – the proud chief

If you’re after an adorable and unique Irish boys names of great impact, Donal means ‘proud chief’ in Gaelic.

43. Rourke – the clan name

In the Irish language, this Irish name means ‘champion’.

42. Devin – the poet

This Gaelic boys name means ‘poet’, although it is less commonly seen today.

41. Brogan – the little shoe

This name was once prevalent in Ireland but is seldom seen these days. Brogan means ‘little shoe’ in Irish.

40. Finn – a deritive of Fionn

Finn is one of the most unique Irish boys names.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Finn derives from the Irish name Fionn, which means ‘fair, white, clear’.

39. Diarmuid – a name of Irish mythology

Diarmuid is a name that often appears in Irish mythology. A variation of this that is universally popular is Dermot.

38. Calhoun – a man of nature

This Irish boys’ name means ‘from the narrow forest’.

37. Kane – ancient and enduring

The name Kane means ‘ancient’ or ‘enduring’ in the Irish language.

36. Riordan – the bard

This Irish boys’ name comes from the surname O’Riordan. It means ‘royal poet’ or ‘bard’.

35. Oisin – the little deer

Oisin means little dear.
Credit: Pixabay / ArmbrustAnna

This name, which means ‘little deer’, is often cited in Irish mythology.

34. Quillan – an Irish variation of a classic name

Quillan is an adorable and unique Irish boys’ name which is a variation of Colin.

33. Grady – a noble name

The name Grady means ‘noble’ and ‘illustrious’.

32. Devlin – the brave boy

In the Irish language, Devlin means ‘fierce bravery’.

31. Galvin – the bright one

In Irish, this name means ‘bright one’.

30. Tadgh – the hard to pronounce

Tadhg is one of the most unique Irish boys names.

The name Tadgh means ‘storyteller’ in Irish. It is phonetically pronounced: tige (like tiger but without the ‘r’).

29. Donovan – a name for dark

Donovan is a unique Irish name that means ‘dark’ in Gaelic.

28. Caelan – a name of many meanings

This name is commonly phonetically pronounced kay-lan. It has many meanings, including ‘slender’, ‘child’, ‘mighty warrior’, and ‘victorious people’.

27. Darby – people may remember the film Darby O’Gill

In Gaelic, this name means ‘free one’.

26. Phelan – the name of the wolf

This name is also seen in the Irish language as Faoláin. It means ‘wolf’.

25. Piran – the word for prayer

Piran means prayer.
Credit: Pixabay / skygeeshan

Piran is an ancient Irish name that means ‘prayer’.

24. Nevan – the holy child

Nevan is an Irish boys’ name that means ‘holy’.

23. Taber – a simple but stunning name

Taber is another one of our adorable and unique Irish boys names. It merely means ‘well’.

22. Kellen – a name of Irish and German ancestry

Kellen stems from two cultural backgrounds; it means ‘slender’.

21. Fiadh – the wild one

Fiadh is a unisex name in Irish, which means ‘wild’.

20. Gulliver – you might remember the book: Gulliver’s travels

Gulliver is one of the most unique Irish boys names.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

This name means ‘glutton’ in the Irish language.

19. Whelan – another name for wolf

Like Phelan, Whelan is a variant of the Gaelic name, Faolán, which means wolf.

18. Hagan – for the Viking at heart

For those who are willful and strong, this name, which means ‘Viking‘, might be a good fit.

17. Brin – a unique name

This name is phonetically pronounced ‘breen’. It means ‘high’, ‘noble’ and ‘strong’.

16. Aban – the little abbot

Aban is another one of our adorable and unique Irish boys names. It means ‘little abbot’.

15. Ivo – another name of Irish and German cultures

Ivo comes from Irish and German.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Ivo is not a common name in Ireland, but it has roots on the Emerald Isle, as it does in Germany. It means ‘yew wood, archer’.

Ivo of Kermartin is a famous historical figure with this name.

14. Kermit – don’t think of the frog

In old Irish, the name Kermit means ‘free man’.

13. Leith – a name of Scottish and Irish standing

The Scottish version of the name means ‘river’, whereas the Irish version means ‘wide’.

12. Ultan – a symbol of the provinces

This name is pronounced, ‘ult-un’. It means ‘Ulsterman’. Ulster is one of Ireland’s four provinces, and it is located in the north of the country.

11. Bain – fair-haired one

This unique Irish boy name means ‘fair-haired one’.

10. Carbry – an old Irish name

Carbry is one of the most unique Irish boys names.
Credit: Pixabay / Stevebidmead

Carbry is an old Irish name. It means ‘charioteer’.

9. Lonan – the little black bird

In Gaelic, Lonan or Lonán means ‘little black bird’.

8. Merric – ruler of the sea

The name Merric means ‘ruler of the sea’.

7. Coileáin – the young one

Coileáin is an old Irish name that means ‘cub’ or ‘young one’.

6. Torin – the chief

In Ireland, the name Torin means ‘chief of the crags’.

5. Alaois – the perks of life

Alaois is a gorgeous name.
Credit: Pixabay / azboomer

In Irish, this name means he who ‘enjoys the perks of life’. It is also said that this name means ‘famous in war’.

4. Iollan – another unusual name

This name (phonetically spelt ‘ul-an’) means ‘one who worships a different god’. It has often been seen in Irish mythology.

3. Jarlath – in the name of the lord

This unique boys’ name means ‘tribulatory lord.’

2. Odhran – the little green one

Pronounced o-rawn, this name means ‘little green one’ in Gaelic.

1. Veon – hills and sky

Topping our list of unique Irish boys names is Veon.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

The last of our adorable and unique Irish boys names is Veon. It means ‘hillside’ or ‘sky’ in Irish.

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