5 popular Irish themed games everyone can enjoy

5 popular Irish themed games

‘The luck of the Irish’ is a phrase often associated with the Emerald Isle, bludgeoning itself into Irish folklore and filling with hope to those who have been blessed with its unexplained powers of fortune.

Thankfully, you won’t have to visit the country in order to benefit from the phrase, for the world of online games and the innovative mind gives you the opportunity to ignore your man-made powers and leave your destiny to fate.

Here are five popular Irish themed games for you to try.

5. Counting Shamrocks – Irish themed game for the family

To start off our list of five popular Irish themed games, we will go into the spinning world of online, board and home games. ‘Counting Shamrocks’ is one of the very best and most popular Irish-themed games and one you will not want to stop playing.

The games simplicity is its greatest selling point. You will be instantly hooked, spending the day away on your laptop and forgetting about the responsibilities that await you once you shut it down.

All you have to do is find the matching cards, count up the amount of shamrocks on display and locate the card that shows that number. Sounds easy, right?

It’s one that the whole family can enjoy playing together, and if you excel in mathematics, then you very well may have the edge over those relying on the luck of the Irish guiding them through.

4. Shamrock Scramble – a game for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most important dates in the Irish calendar. It is named after our patron saint, St. Patrick, and is often symbolised by the shamrock, who St. Patrick is said to have used it as a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity.

If you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and want a fun and interactive game to play, then ‘Shamrock Scramble is right up your street.

To play, simply cut out the shapes of four large shamrocks from a green poster board or paper, and tape one shamrock into each corner of the room.

Play some Irish music for the kids to dance to. When the music stops, the kids must ‘scramble’ to get to one of the shamrocks. The last player to get to the shamrock is out. Last man standing wins.

3. Clover Rollover – hit the jackpot

One of the most popular Irish themed games is ‘Clover Rollover’, and is an instant favourite for enthusiasts of the slot machines.

The game is composed of five reels, and each are adorned with traditional Irish symbols, such as Celtic Crosses and top hats, while the pot of gold is the illustrious jackpot symbol.

Keep an eye out for the green clover symbol (the little green plant), for it can set the jackpot in motion, which could potentially boost your winnings to 7,500 times of that you waged.

While it is no longer as popular in the modern day, the game still boasts its vintage charm, and past winners have come away with six-figure, and even nine-figure, sums of money. The luck of the Irish is no longer a theory in this game.

2. Rainbow Riches – king of the online slot machines

‘Rainbow Riches’ is one of the most popular online slot machine games you can play, and its Irish theme has become synonymous with the top dogs of the internet gaming world.

The winning prize is €250,000, no small sum of money. It is a 5-reel, 3 row and 20 payline slot machine. The Leprechaun can trigger 3 different bonus features; Road to Riches, Wising Well and Pots of Gold.

If online gaming is your forte, you will love ‘Rainbow Riches’, with the quarter-million prize due reward for your diligent efforts along the way.

If this game isn’t enough, you can head over to an epicentre of online Irish games and playable demos for you to choose from. Spin your wheel, seek the bonus and hope the “luck of the Irish” is on your side.

1. Gaelic Games – for Ireland’s indigenous games

Credit: @gaelicplayers / Twitter

To finish off our list of five popular Irish themed games, we will go with the national sports of Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie, which all came under the bracket of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).  

Hurling has been played on the Emerald Isle for over 2,000 years now, and is a fundamental part of the Irish tradition and psyche. It, along with Gaelic football, are the two most popular played in the country.

First and foremost, there are ‘club teams’ in Ireland, of which there are over 2,000 spread out across the country, and there are 32 county teams; each side consists of the best players from that county.

As a result of mass emigration from Irish shores, the Irish games of Gaelic football, hurling and camogie have been exported worldwide, and you will find a GAA club in almost any continent in the world that you visit. Why not give it a go?

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