5 one-bag packing tips for couples looking for a quick getaway to Ireland

5 one-bag packing tips for couples looking for a quick getaway to Ireland

Our top 5 tips to lighten your load and relieve yourself of some stress before your quick getaway to Ireland!

Holidays represent a time to relax, take a break from work, and have fun. However, the prepping for said vacation is the exact opposite.

Packing your bags, packing your partner’s bags. Making sure you have everything and rushing to the airport: the whole buildup to your vacation can be annoying. 

What if I told you one bag would be sufficient enough for your vacation?

You wouldn’t believe me, and I wouldn’t blame you. However, one bag can suffice!

There are a few precautions you can take to lighten your load and relieve yourself of some stress before your vacation.

1.   Begin packing in a BIG suitcase

It makes sense for couples to use separate travel bags; why would anyone want their stuff mixed in with someone else’s? However, if you’re looking to save some space, many couples do just that and adopt the “one bag travel” method.

Packing both of your stuff into one suitcase saves you from having to manage multiple bags and paying the absurd luggage fees. 

2.   Put smaller bags in your suitcase

Fortunately, there is a solution to crowding in a big suitcase, and that solutions are the use of packing cubes. When you’re sharing your travelling bag with your partner, putting your items in small, separate bags lessens the chance for confusion and mix-ups later on. 

3.   Security is your priority

I once travelled to Hawaii with who was, at the time, my best friend. For some reason, he packed locks in his suitcase. Yes, you heard me right—locks.

Most hotels at the time had installed keycards and locks, so I’m not sure why he thought he needed to bring them.

However, his heart was in the right place. Security is essential, after all. And while you don’t need to focus on physical security as much, you do need to focus on your digital security–who knows what type of networks you’ll be connected to. 

This is why I recommend using a VPN when travelling. With a VPN client, it is easy to connect to a network without fear of someone stealing your data. There are many VPN apps available to help keep you secure.

The best part? VPNs don’t take up any room in your suitcase! You can still adopt the one bag travel method and ensure your security at the same time. 

4.   Pack by need, not by want

I tend to pack far more clothing than I actually need—don’t make the same mistake. Consider packing only the things you know you’ll need instead of guessing how much clothing, jewellery, or makeup you’ll need.

This will save you time and space, while also keeping you from getting a massive headache while packing. It’s a no-brainer!

5.   Take advantage of travel-sized items

You need toothpaste, but do you need to bring a 2-pound tube of it on a weekend trip? Probably not.

That’s why travel-sized items exist; with these, you can save space while ensuring you don’t have to go without deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, and vice versa for an extended period of time.  

With these tips in mind, you’ll be good to go. One bag travel is the best kind of trip, and I encourage you to try it at least once!

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