5 Guinness-flavoured treats you need to try

We love the creamy, caramelly flavours found in a pint of Guinness. Here are five of the best Guinness-flavoured treats that taste like the stout.

When you hear the word “Guinness”, what comes to your mind first? We’re going to guess it’s not a bevy of Guinness-flavoured treats but a pint glass filled with dark Irish stout—and with good reason to—Guinness is one of the world’s most successful beers. It is brewed in almost 50 countries and available to drink in over 120. 

However, what you may not know is that Guinness does, in fact, make a range of delicious Guinness-flavoured treats for you to enjoy sipping over a pint or on their own! We’ve compiled the top 5 Guinness-flavoured treats you need to try below.

5. Guinness Milk Chocolate – because who doesn’t love the chocolatey notes in a pint of Guinness? 

You need to try Guinness milk chocolate bars, one of the 5 best Guinness-flavoured treats.
Credit: @rainnieng7710 / Instagram

We’re going to start with a simple one. Guinness? Good. Chocolate? Good. Put them together and what do you get? A mouth-watering blend of creamy, chocolatey goodness, perfect for an after-dinner treat (or before dinner, we won’t tell). We are really impressed with the overall rounded flavour of this one. 

It would be an especially sweet treat for those you know who may not like Guinness’ typical hoppy bitterness, this chocolate bar does not overly taste like a pint of the black stuff. It has a much more mellow, robust chocolate flavour. The most Guinness-like thing about this milk chocolate bar is probably its smell. 

4. Guinness crisps – the perfect snack with a pint 

Guinness crisps are a delicious snack with a pint or on their own, one of our favourite Guinness-flavoured treats you need to try.
Credit: burtschips.com

Don’t let the colour of these crisps put you off—be warned, they will be a little black when you open the packet. But soon the inviting smell of potato and Guinness (it really couldn’t get any more Irish, could it?) will take over your senses, drawing you in until you put that first delicious crisp in your mouth. 

These crisps have a strong salty taste to them. We can’t be sure this wasn’t done intentionally to keep you coming back for another drink of the black stuff, but we aren’t complaining. You may also catch a very faint barbeque aroma to them, but it’s pretty much exclusively in the scent and not in the taste. 

3. Guinness caramel bar – the perfect taste of Guinness and gooey caramel 

Guinness' milk chocolate caramel bar is to die for, a delicious mix of caramel complementing Guinness' caramel undertones.
Credit: guinnesswebstore.com

These velvety chocolate shells burst open to reveal a smooth, gooey caramel centre, delighting the taste buds with a bitter-sweet chocolate experience. They would make an excellent gift for that sweet-toothed Guinness lover in your life. 

We can’t say whether it’s a good idea or not, but some people have been known to break a piece off and dip it into their pint before eating it. If you’ve tried it, and it’s good, feel free to let us know! 

This chocolate bar also comes with a 2% alcohol warning, so don’t be surprised if you feel extra cheery after eating this Guinness-flavoured treat! 

2. Guinness Luxury Fudge – a delectable, luxury fudge to make your taste buds come alive

The delicious taste of this creamy, luxury fudge truly makes it one of the 5 Guinness-flavoured treats you need to try.
Credit: guinnesswebstore.com

What can we say about this luxury fudge other than tell you that it’s amazing? This treat, definitely more than the others, has the strongest taste of traditional Guinness; it may not be for everyone so take this into consideration before purchasing. However, if you’re a fan of the bitterness found in its liquid counterpart, then you’ll love this amazingly soft fudge. 

Sure to melt in your mouth, these Guinness-flavoured treats capture perfectly the taste of the stout—they’ve done a great job with this one. They sell a sea salt version too, which doesn’t have such a strong bitter taste if that’s a little more to your liking. 

1. Guinness Mini Pints – for those cutting back on the real thing 

These cute Guinness mini pints are both delicious and an awesome gift, one of the best Guinness-flavoured treats you need to try.
Credit: @namastemarie / Instagram

Given that it’s coming up to Christmas, we have to say these toothsome mini pints would make a fantastic stocking filler. They come in a box of seven, and each pint is filled with a mixture of dark chocolate (to signify the stout) and white chocolate (to resemble the creamy head). 

A perfect treat for those who are trying to cut down on the real thing, these mini pints will be a hit with whoever you serve them to. And you can’t argue with the fact they look cool. I mean, come on, a mini chocolate Guinness. What’s not to like? 

Whether buying any of these products as a gift for someone else or as a treat for yourself, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with their amazing Guinness-like quality. For more snacks, why not have a look at the Guinness Webstore. Sláinte! 

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