5 Great Things To Do & See In Waterford When It Rains

Rain in Ireland is inevitable, so we have to be prepared for activities in all kinds of weather. Waterford is a great spot and a little rain shouldn’t spoil your visit.

Grab an umbrella and hit Waterford’s beautiful streets. Get a spot of lunch or go shopping. Brave the outdoors, grab a wetsuit and go surfing at one of Waterford’s spectacular beaches.

If you need some shelter from the rain there are some fantastic indoor activities in Waterford.

5. The Apple Market

The Apple Market is a street in Waterford with a roof over it. All the restaurants and bars there have outdoor seating available every day, so the rain wouldn’t stop you having some nice food outdoors.

It is very cosmopolitan. You have the novelty of eating outside and people watching, even when it’s bucketing down.

Address6 John Street, X91 NT78 John St, Waterford, X91 NT78, Ireland

4. Art Galleries and Museums

The rain is a great excuse to get a little culture in. There are some wonderful art galleries and museums in Waterford. Here are some great ones to check out:

• GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Waterford
• Medieval Museum
• Theatre Royal Art Exhibition
• Greyfriar’s Municipal Art Gallery

3. Activate Waterford

Activate Waterford is one of the best places to escape the rain. Waterford city’s newest indoor family activity centre is complete with a children’s soft play area, bowling, climbing and bouldering, a 3D cinema and a café.

There’s plenty to keep the whole family occupied for an afternoon when the weather just isn’t cooperating. Activate promises a fun day out and it has specifically been designed to suit kids, teenagers and adults alike. It is also wheelchair accessible.

It’s a great place to head into where you’ll be sure to find something everyone can enjoy, whether that’s being active on the climbing wall or taking it easy and enjoying the 3D cinema.

2. The Viking Triangle

The Viking Triangle is Waterford’s Cultural and Heritage quarter. Besides being a really cool historic spot, enriched in Viking history, the Viking Triangle has some fantastic places to explore while you take shelter from the rain, among them is the Bishops Palace Tour, a Virtual Reality Viking Tour and the House Of Waterford Crystal:

The Bishops Palace Tour

The Bishops Palace is furnished as a very elegant 18th-century townhouse. You can take guided tours of the house with staff in historic character and period costumes.

Virtual Reality Viking Tour

The ‘King of the Vikings’ VR Viking Tour is exactly as cool as it sounds. It combines studying history with the futuristic element of virtual reality. Use VR to explore a handcrafted replica Viking house See for yourself how Vikings lived in Waterford. Think of it like an interactive history class. Booking is strongly advised.

House Of Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal is world famous so while you’re in Waterford, why not take a trip to see where the magic happens?

During the factory tour, you’ll be guided through the process of exactly how their beautiful crystal is made.

The factory tour includes production areas such as crystal blowing and furnace, crystal cutting and quality inspection, crystal sculpting, engraving and design inspiration.

After the tour visit, you’ll have the opportunity to explore their luxurious store, which houses the largest collection of Waterford Crystal found anywhere in the world.

It’s pretty cool to be able to see the various pieces they’ve designed after you’ve just seen how the whole process takes place.

1. Backstage Tour of the Theatre Royal

Want to do something different with your rainy day? How about going backstage at the Theatre Royal? Tickets are only €5 per person and children under 12 go free so you won’t have to dip into your rainy day fund.

Take part in a fun, interactive adventure as you head backstage and learn all about the Georgian building that has been entertaining the people of Waterford for over 200 years.

The tour offers a behind the scenes look at theatre life that everyone can appreciate. As the theatre is a working building, they can promise that no two tours will ever be the same.

Maybe you could even bookend your tour with another rainy day activity, a trip to see a show at the Theatre Royal, now that you’ve seen how the magic happens behind the scene.

Tours take place Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s at 11 am and 12.30 pm and last approximately 50 minutes.

Written by Sarah Talty

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