5 food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland worth stalking

Some of the top food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland are hidden all around the country. Here is the only guide you need to the best!

Check out all of our top food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland.

There is an ever-growing range of food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland, as our national palate is developing a taste for all different types of cuisine.

Some of these are easy to locate – many have a set place that they park up each day to serve the masses. Others require a bit more detective work to track down – here are five food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland that are definitely worth stalking!

5. Lala Poutine – one of the top food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland

Lala Poutine is the ultimate hangover cure and one of the top food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland.
Credit: lalapoutine.ie

A familiar face on the Irish festival circuit, Lala Poutine has helped us through some tough mornings, to say the least. Poutine is the ultimate Canadian comfort food – deep-fried chips, topped with creamy gravy and cheese curds. It’s definitely not a health-food, but sometimes you just need to bring in the big guns.

These can be tricky fellows to catch, as they quite literally pop-up in Ireland here, there, and everywhere – but keep an eye on their social media for clues about their next move. There’s also the option of hiring them privately for an event – maybe we could all go splits…

Location: Various

4. Unbeetable Food – fine dining on the go

Unbeetable Food is full of fine dining on the go.
Credit: @unbeetablejenny / Instagram

Jenny & Adam are the power couple behind Unbeetable Food. This year-old food truck packs a healthy and delicious punch. Jenny is a qualified chef who worked in high-end restaurants in both Ireland and Canada before diving headfirst into this venture.

Jenny prides herself on serving restaurant-quality food at pop-up prices – and the ever-changing breakfast and lunch menu is creative and tasty, with plenty of veggie and vegan options. There are even vegan-friendly cakes and treats!

Lucky for us, this tends to be a pretty easy food truck to catch – they are parked up at the Pickardstown Service Station in Tramore, and generally open Tuesday to Saturday. Any changes to these times are posted on Unbeetable Food’s social media accounts. No excuse to miss out!

Location: Pickardstown Service Station, Waterford Road, Tramore, Co. Waterford.

3. Julia’s Lobster Truck – posh seafood at food truck prices

Julia's Lobster Truck is another must-visit food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland.
Credit: @juliaslobstertruck / Facebook

Oh Julia, how do we love thee? For making high-end seafood dishes affordable and accessible to the masses, we can’t thank you enough! Julia serves up locally caught mussels, oysters, lobsters, and other specials on homemade brioche rolls with a slathering of real Irish butter. Taste it once, and you’ll never go back to bog-standard fish and chips ever again!

Julia’s truck is generally found in the Burren, Co. Clare vicinity, but follow her social media for more details of where she might pop-up in Ireland next!

Location: Burren, Co. Clare and various

2. Vietnom – exotic veggie food in a relaxed environment

Another of the top food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland has got to be Vietnom.
Credit: @vietnomdublin / Instagram

Vietnom is due to reopen their weekend pop-up around the back of The Glimmer Man Pub in Dublin’s Stoneybatter, and a wise soul would be first in line when that happens. This Asian-meets-Mexican food wagon is something special – and the menu is entirely vegetarian.

We drool every time we think of their banh-mi, influenced by chef Milly Murphy’s south-east travels, and her years spent working as a chef in multi-cultural San Francisco. Dishes are generous and affordable – so much so that one would be tempted to buy extra for lunch tomorrow!

Address: The Glimmer Man, Stoneybatter, Co. Dublin and various.

1. Misunderstood Heron – the world-famous Irish food truck

Misunderstood Heron is one of the top food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland.
Credit: @MisunderstoodHeron / Facebook

This is local food done exceptionally well. So well, in fact, that it made Lonely Planet’s top 10 coolest food trucks list in 2019. The menu offers both meat and plant-based options – and is ever-changing, in line with the availability of high-quality local ingredients.

Reinaldo & Kim, the husband and wife team behind one of the most famous pop-ups in Ireland, enjoy using well-known Irish ingredients in slightly unexpected ways. For example, their Killary lamb samosa is one of their bestselling dishes.

Check Misunderstood Heron’s social media for their opening hours, which can vary.

Location: Killary Fjord, Connemara, Co. Galway.

So there you have it, five of our favourite food trucks and pop-ups in Ireland. The beauty of this industry is that there are always new traders popping up all over the country with fresh takes on how to cook quality Irish ingredients – and we will be there to try out their dishes and report back to you! We know, we’re too kind…

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