5 delicious recipes that use Guinness as an ingredient

Sure, Guinness is good to drink, but did you know Guinness is also good to cook with? Check out these five amazing recipes below that use Guinness as an ingredient.

If you love Guinness as much as we do, you’re not going to be satisfied with merely drinking the delicious creamy beverage. You’re probably going to want to cook with it also, and that’s perfectly okay—because there are some genuinely fantastic recipes out there that use Guinness as an ingredient. 

We’ve compiled five of these mouth-watering recipes in this article for you today. They’re a mixture of dessert treats and dinner dishes, really showing off the incredible range that Guinness has. 

As always, if you decide to make any of these dishes, feel free to tag us in your pictures on social media. We’d love to see how they turn out! 

5. Beef and Guinness stew – a classic

Beef and Guinness stew is a classic meal you need to try.
Credit: www.allrecipes.com

This dish is a classic, and that’s exactly why it’s starting off our list. 

Almost every Irish person you meet will probably have a grandmother who makes fantastic homemade stew. It’s an Irish classic. The delicious mixture of meat, vegetables, and beef broth combine to make a delectable meal. 

How could you possibly make stew any more Irish? Simply add Guinness and voilá. 

There’s no greater comfort than a hearty stew, and this Guinness and beef stew is the king of them all. The stout adds a delectable rich and deep flavour to the sauce; we’d wager that it could rival anybody’s grandmother’s stew. 

For a full recipe, check it out here

4. Guinness chocolate cake – a rich and creamy dessert 

Guinness chocolate cake is one of the most delicious recipes that use Guinness.

We recently did an article dedicated to this recipe which you can check out here. The full list of ingredients and steps on how to make it can be found with the article. 

This dessert would make a brilliant celebratory cake for St. Patrick’s Day—and you could wash it down with a pint of the black stuff (Guinness) for good measure! 

But really, this cake is perfect for any time of the year. We don’t need an excuse to bake it, we’re completely in love with the rich Guinness-coffee notes that mingle deliciously with the creamy milk-chocolate cake. 

This is one recipe you don’t need to be a Guinness-lover to enjoy; it has something for everyone.  

3. Sticky Guinness chicken – Colonel Sanders has nothing on us Irish

For delicious recipes that use Guinness, try sticky Guinness chicken.
Credit: www.theendlessmeal.com

For some tasty, finger lickin’ good sticky chicken (that actually contains chicken), why not give this wonderful recipe that uses Guinness as an ingredient a try? 

Just the photographs alone of this Guinness chicken recipe are making our mouths water. It’s the only one on the list that we’re yet to try, but boy are we looking forward to getting our fingers on some! 

The reviews of this dish have been excellent—which is only adding to our excitement. 

The chicken thighs are seared light brown to begin with, then cooked in tasty Guinness sticky sauce to add flavour. They’d make an excellent dish for St. Patrick’s Day. For a full list of ingredients and how to make, you can refer to this page.

You can thank us later! 

2. Guinness brownies – a dessert from the gods

Guinness brownies are delicious and another  of the top recipes that use Guinness.
Credit: www.wellplated.com

Brownies? Delicious. Fantastic. Give us more. Guinness? Supreme. Creamy. A meal in a glass. 

Combine these two beautiful things and what do you get? 

Probably a seriously-spiked blood sugar, but who cares? These brownies are totally worth the slight health hassle. Bite into one of these and you’ll feel like Michael Bolton is singing directly to you in a dark auditorium. 

They might be our new favourite dessert. Both chocolate and beer lovers will be in heaven with this recipe

If you fancy it, you could top off these sweet recipes that use Guinness as an ingredient with some chocolate shavings, or even Baileys Irish-cream frosting. We’ll leave the decision with you. 

1. Guinness chilli – our favourite pick for recipes that use Guinness as an ingredient 

Guinness Chili is one of the top recipes that use Guinness as an ingredient.
Credit: www.tablespoon.com

Oh boy, do we love a good spicy chilli. 

When we heard that this was a thing, we were sceptical at first. We weren’t sure if the two ingredients would go together well enough—we were worried that the Guinness could be too overpowering, or that the spiciness of the chilli would nullify any Guinness flavouring

We were wrong. Thank God for that. 

This recipe is genuinely phenomenal; we adore its weird mixture of flavours. The tinge of chilli powder melding with the tang of Guinness is one we didn’t expect to enjoy, but we’re delighted we do. 

It can be a little bit of a complicated dish to make, so we will only recommend trying this one if you know how to handle yourself in a kitchen. But it’s more than worth the effort. 

Full recipe available here.

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