5 COOLEST Neighbourhoods in Dublin to see in 2024

Dublin is a booming city, however, it is only home to 1.8 million people. It the most densely populated metropolis on the island of Ireland. In addition, Dublin is seen as a cultural hub yet with a multicultural heart.

Indeed living in even the Greater Dublin Area offers excellent proximity to (and accessibility in and around Dublin city). However, there are some charming suburbs in walking distance from the centre of it all.

If you’re considering a move to Dublin or planning an upcoming trip, we vote you check out these five cool neighbourhoods in Dublin.

5. Stoneybatter – for old-school charm

This small suburb is located on the Northside of the River Liffey. It is only a short walk from “town” (the local’s term for the city centre). And, Stoneybatter is a hot-spot for culture and craic (an Irish slang word for banter!).

Brimming with charm and old stone terraced houses, this is a prime location for real estate in the current market. Recent gentrification to the area has seen an influx of trendy shops, cafes and restaurants.

L. Mulligan’s, The Elbowroom and Love Supreme keep the coffee lovers and hipster kids keen. Other cultural sights and places of interest, such as St Michan’s Church and The Hungry Tree, are present, too.

Bonus points go for its proximity to Phoenix Park, Europe’s largest enclosed park.

More so, the fact that Smithfield (another cool neighbourhood in Dublin) is just down the road, only adds to its appeal. Simply put: Smithfield is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Dublin.

5. Ranelagh – for young professionals

Located on the Southside of Dublin, only a short walk, bus or Luas (overground tram or light rail) from the beating heart of Dublin city is Ranelagh.

This upmarket, city suburb is an ultimate haven for young professionals or those keen to start out family life, with the busy city right on their doorstep.

Self-sufficient and blossoming with bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, grocery stores and more, Ranelagh has just about everything.

Keeping up with the “it” kids, this neighbourhood in Dublin is on-trend in its offering. With health food stores (check out Urban Health) and top bars (try The Taphouse), no stone is left unturned.

Ranelagh is the perfect place to spend the day or an ideal location for a permanent address making it one of coolest neighbourhoods in Dublin.

3. Smithfield – for city and culture

Smithfield is a small city suburb on the Northside of Dublin city. Accessed easily on foot, by bus or Luas, the neighbourhood is dominated by a square, which acts as the central hub of its activity.

Smithfield is packed with contemporary cafes, one of Dublin’s coolest alternative cinemas (the Lighthouse) and authentic pubs (check out the Cobblestone). In a nutshell, Smithfield is a little mini city in a city. Buzzing with life, this is without a doubt one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Dublin.

If you’re planning on staying in Dublin and want to experience a sweet suburb, away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, this is it.

Only adding to its appeal, Smithfield is the perfect place to make friends and party. If this is your game, make sure to check out the Generator Hostel.

2. Portobello – for proximity to the city

Located on the Southside of Dublin city, very close to the centre of it all is Portobello.

This suburb offers the convenience of city living with the charm of quiet suburban life. Terraced houses of character stand in solidarity, only broken by trendy, independent speciality coffee shops or the latest brunch craze.

The Dublin canal runs parallel to this cool neighbourhood. With all of the benefits of city life (bars, nightclubs, cinemas, entertainment venues, eateries, brunch spots, gyms) on its doorstep, Portobello is a top spot. No matter your scene or your interests, this is an ideal place to call home when in Dublin, or even visit for an afternoon.

1. Rathmines – for a little bit of everything

Sitting on the Southside of the city is Rathmines. This suburb is accessible on foot or by bus from the heart of the city. Similar to its sister area, Ranelagh, this is a yuppie neighbourhood with tonnes to offer.

Rathmines is fitted and kitted. From hipster bars (try Blackbird), trendy restaurants (Farmer Brown’s) and health food stores (The Hopsack), you’ll be spoiled for choice.

If you’re after takeaways (indulge with Saba), cafes (brunch at Two Fifty Square), a cinema or multiple grocers, this neighbourhood is as self-sufficient as they come.

Whether you’re looking for a place to stay on your next weekend break to Dublin or looking for your next place to call home (and if the funds allow), Rathmines is the place to be.

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