The 5 Best Restaurants for Foodies in Limerick

Limerick is a fantastic place for foodies. Whatever you want, you can find it here. Burgers, milkshakes, steak dinners, Limerick has it all. All of these places are a short walk from each other so if one doesn’t tickle your fancy you can head over to another restaurant and check out their menu.

Unless you’re like me and look up the menu PDF beforehand and know what you’re ordering before you sit down. Without further ado here are some of the best restaurants that Limerick has to offer. Happy eating!

5. Coqbull

Firstly, their chicken wings are to die for. If you are a chicken wing enthusiast and haven’t sampled the wings here you are missing out. The food is real comfort food, with the likes of chicken, burgers, pizzas and pasta all included in their menu. It’s the perfect place for a well deserved comforting dinner after a long hard week.

They also usually have some quirky dishes on their menu like duck salads and filo pawns with habanero mayo. Everything is well presented and lovingly prepared. It’s also the perfect date spot, with nice little booths and mood lighting.

Address: 50 Thomas Street, Limerick.

4. Boojum

Limerick’s Boojm just opened this year and has already taken the Limerick food scene by storm. Anyone familiar with the chain will know what to expect.

There is so much choice here, from tacos to burritos and don’t even get me started on the toppings. If you love Mexican food or are open to trying something new then this is the restaurant for you. Their food is really hearty and simple but delicious, it’s real comfort food. There’s a real funky atmosphere in here, with friendly staff and bright, modern décor.

Boojum describes itself as, Ireland’s first burrito bar, serving homemade Mexican food made from authentic recipes using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The service is always very fast and it’s great if you’re grabbing a quick bite. Late opening hours and a location in the city centre means any time is taco time.

Address: 19 Patrick Street, Limerick.

3. Marco Polo

Instagram: marcopololimerick

Everyone in Limerick knows this restaurant, conveniently located in the middle of the city on O’Connell Street. Their menus are always amazing. Whether you’re in the mood for pasta, steak, chicken, fajitas or fish and chips, Marco Polo can be depended on to really have something for everyone. Even the starters on the menu outdo themselves, with around 14 options to choose from.

Everything is delicious and well presented. A dining experience here is so worth it not just because of the amazing food, but also the elegant plush décor, that along with the affordable prices, work to make you feel so much more successful than you are. You will find people dining out celebrating family occasions, having cute date nights and people just having a casual work lunch.

Address: 38 O’Connell Street, Limerick City, Ireland.

2. Texas Steakout

Texas Steakout has a great location on O’Connell Street and is usually very popular with a long queue reaching the door so it’s usually best to book a table before arriving. The restaurant has a Texas western theme, which is evident from the music they play to the décor inside. It makes for a great atmosphere, helped by the fact that the staff are really friendly and attentive.

Even the fact that you have to walk underground to get to the restaurant really adds to your dining experience. They have some fantastic drinks and cocktails here, all for affordable prices.

The food is fab and they have a huge selection including several Mexican dishes. If the mention of steak in the restaurant’s name turns you away, never fear. Texas Steakout also caters to vegetarians and has both chicken and fish dishes so everyone should find something here that they’ll enjoy.

Address: 116 O’Connell Street, Limerick City, Ireland.

1. The Buttery

The Buttery has become a Limerick institution since it opened in 2014. It is the perfect place for ladies who like to brunch and lunch. The space inside is really cosy and bright and you can also find chairs outside on the pedestrianized street which makes you feel very cosmopolitan. It’s a fantastic place to meet up with friends or take your family for a great meal.

The menu is lovingly curated to ensure everyone gets something special. It’s also a great place for drinks with an extensive cocktail and beer menu. Their food is always very instagram-able for anyone who doesn’t feel like they’ve eaten a good meal unless they’ve made others jealous with the presentation.

Address: 10 Bedford Row, Limerick

Written by Sarah Talty

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