5 AWESOME Alternative Night Out Ideas in Galway

Galway has long been regarded as a gem on the west coast of Ireland. While the city boasts numerous pubs to have a pint of everyone’s favourite stout or try out some swanky cocktails, there is plenty to do that won’t give the head an ache in the morning, as well.

We’ve decided to compile a list of five excellent experiences that you can take part in as an alternative to Jägerbombs and shots of sambuca; even though those can make for a great night, too.

Without further adieu, let’s have a go at some awesome alternative night out plans you can take part in this week in Galway City!

5. Skin Care Product Classes

Dr Clare Apothecary & Clinic host to Natural Skin Care Product classes.

Not only can you save your liver a bit of work, but you can create products that will nourish your skin and leave you with some gifts to pamper yourself!

If you’re interested in herbal medicine, taking an evening course at the Sea Road location might just be your ticket to a fabulous night.

Courses are delivered by certified professionals and use local and seasonal herbs. This means that you’re always on-trend with your creams and scrubs, be it Spring or Winter.

Classes tend to run once a month. With a bit of timely planning, you can offer yourself, and maybe some friends, a great treat that is sure to feel luxurious!

Evergreen also deserves an honourable mention here as they host occasional skincare and wellness event throughout the seasons.

Attending one of these can be a particularly good way to beat the winter blues or learn how to balance your lifestyle and health practices!

4. Instructor-Led Wellness Activities

The Galway Wellness Studio hosts a myriad of wellness activities including dance classes, yoga and sound healing, and holistic therapies!

The studio has beautiful wooden floors and two sections, one suited for larger classes and the other for smaller classes. It’s a great place to unwind and centre your mind, either through breathwork or a sound bath!

Spending an evening here will have you glowing and relaxed. Added benefit: it offers a great alternative to Netflix and a tub of ice cream (we’re all guilty of those nights!) or having ‘the fear’ the next morning after one of those heavier nights out.

3. Art Classes

Just Art It is local to Galway’s West End, snug in a pocket of Dominick Street Lower. There are a variety of art classes offered in the charming studio.

Have a go at oil painting, still life, or printmaking with like-minded individuals or bring your own crew with you to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere!

Don’t have materials? Don’t worry about it! You can purchase all you might need as an added extra on site.

On the other side of town, Tribeton is now offering the popular Paint Club where you can enjoy some bubbly or go dry with only tea or coffee while you paint your next masterpiece!

If you’re into the thriving art scene, join in on one of these classes where you can explore your artistic inclinations. Best part? You get a piece to take home! New family heirloom, perhaps?

2. Tasting Club

The West End is buzzing! Located next to our previous recommendation is America Village Apothecary. Okay, our hands are up. There’s a bit of alcohol here, but alternatives are available if you’re off the drink.

Taking place on the last Monday of each month, the tasting club explores a different theme of the unity between nature, taste and community. Included is an Aperitif on arrival, 3 food tastings, and 3 wine tastings. If you want a night focused on an intimate atmosphere filled with flavour and delightful conversation, this is the place to be!

If you are more into some light boozing, there are cocktail classes offered here, too!

1. Local Cultural Gigs

Galway is an absolute hub for creatives! You can find gigs on at The Black Gate Cultural Centre, Roisin Dubh, and The Dewdrop to name a few.

Comedy selections, musical ensembles and spoken narratives are all events which can be found in these venues. This can make for a great night full of laughs, playful banter, and maybe just a bit of dancing!

Talent is usually of the local variety and provides for a cosy, hospitable environment. There is something on every week at these cultural hives. When in doubt, check it out! (We apologise for anyone cringing after that pun.)

Pro tip: The Black Gate Cultural Centre is also host to a Film Club and a Jazz Club. Signing up for these is a great way to be the first notified when an event is on, offering you a unique experience in one of Ireland’s most unique cities!

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