5 amazing spots for vegetarian food in Belfast

Looking for a hearty vegetarian meal in Belfast that will leave you satisfied? We’ve got you covered!

After the overwhelming success of Veganuary and growing concerns for animal welfare and the environment, people on the Emerald Isle are slowly cutting back on their meat consumption. There’re some especially amazing vegetarian foods to be found in Belfast.

This is revolutionary for people coming from a diet that historically centres around meat, and Belfast is adapting effortlessly to meat (haha, get it?) these new culinary requirements. Here are five spots that will guarantee eating vegetarian food in Belfast won’t have you missing out!

5. The Woodworkers, South Belfast – numerous options to satisfy every taste

Woodworkers is a top restaurant to grab plant-based meals. Be sure to give it a go.
Credit: @thewoodworkersbelfast / Facebook

An extension of the famous Lavery’s bar, The Woodworkers offers fantastic vegetarian and vegan options. Have a small plate of salt and chilli tofu, cauliflower bites, or chickpea bites with salsa to start. For your main, you can choose from vegan chilli, vegan shepherd’s pie, or pig out on a vegan platter all to yourself!

They have a couple of vegan burgers to choose from, as well as an amazing halloumi burger. They also have vegan ice cream! You will be fit to burst after eating at The Woodworkers.

Address: 20-22 Bradbury Pl, Belfast BT7 1RS

4. Maggie Mays, South Belfast – you have to try their vegan fry

Maggie Mays is is a great place to grab some vegetarian food in Belfast, try their vegan breakfast fry.
Credit: @maggiemaysbelfast / Facebook

Maggie Mays is a surefire way to get your veggie fix. No need to feel as though you’re missing out when your friends get a full-Irish breakfast, you can have a veggie or vegan fry that is filled with just as much flavour, complete with less of the heart disease!

If you’re visiting at dinner time, every single one of their burger options can be made veggie, with vegan cheese or vegan mayo available. If none of those options tickles your fancy, you can also have veggie chilli, vegetable curry, or vegan cottage pie! Top it all off with one of their famous vegan milkshakes, you will barely be able to walk home.

Address: 2 Malone Rd, Belfast BT9 5BN

3. Jumon, City Centre – for delicious Asian fusion

Try checking Jumon, one of the best vegetarian food spots in Belfast, they remix Asian food for vegetarians.
Credit: @jumonbelfast / Facebook

If you’re in the mood for some delicious Asian fusion food without being limited with your options, Jumon is an excellent choice. With five-spice tofu, Pad Thai with sunflower seeds and walnuts, and jackfruit curry, you won’t be sacrificing any protein in any of these meals with your classic bases of noodles, rice, and a selection of salads.

They have drawn inspiration from Asian food far beyond your local Chinese or Indian, with options from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. If you’re still hungry, you can indulge on their boozy chocolate cake for dessert, or enjoy a classy espresso martini. Give yourself a veggie culinary experience far beyond the humble vegetable curry.

Address: Unit 6 McAuley St, Fountain St, Belfast BT1 5ED

2. Falafel Eatery and Coffee House, South Belfast – for the best Middle Eastern food in the city

Falafel Eatery is another of our top picks for delicious vegetarian food in Belfast.
Credit: @falafelbelfast / Facebook

Give your tastebuds the ultimate Middle Eastern experience and enjoy the varied and flavour-dense veggie food served at Falafel. This place is a hummus wonderland.

Enjoy their expertly made falafels with a side of stuffed vine leaves or tzatziki dip, or enjoy them in a wrap. If you’re in the mood for something healthier, they also serve gorgeous salads, such as tabouleh salad, greek salad, or fattoush salad with flatbread.

They also serve a fantastic roast vegetable and mixed bean tagine that you can enjoy with couscous or rice, allowing you to experience the sheer luxury of Middle Eastern food. Get one of their speciality coffees to take away, such as their Black Forest mocha, or tiramisu cappuccino, and you’re good to go.

Address: 9 Botanic Ave, Belfast BT7 1JG

1. Home, City Centre – for a plethora of vegetarian options

Home is one of the best restaurants for vegetarian food in Belfast.
Credit: @homebelfast / Facebook

This place truly is home for Belfast’s vegetarians and vegans, serving delicious and culturally varied meat-free dishes all day. Enjoy tasty salt and chilli tofu, or chow down on an aromatic chickpea and red lentil madras.

If you’re eating vegan, you can try their aubergine katsu curry or delicious cauliflower steak. You can wash it down with one of their vegan wines and beers, and for dessert, try out their vegan coconut rice pudding.

Address: 22 Wellington Pl, Belfast BT1 6GE

Belfast is slowly moving away from its meat-centric culinary scene and is starting to embrace sustainable options that offer more to its visitors and locals who eat meat-free. These five options are a great addition to the vegetarian food-scene in Belfast, and hopefully, demand for vegetarian and vegan options allows the scene to keep on growing.

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