5 amazing movies that feature the Cliffs of Moher

From fantasy adventures to romantic comedies, here are five amazing movies that feature the Cliffs of Moher.

Ireland has been providing stunning backdrops on screen for decades. Its lush green fields and dramatic landscapes have added natural beauty and inspiration to some legendary scenes.

The west coast of Ireland offers panoramic views of the Atlantic as well as the rugged coastline, adding a unique drama to movies that feature the Cliffs of Moher, which are one of the most famous landmarks in Ireland. Traditional tales enriched with magic are often embedded in Irish folklore, and the mystical surroundings only compliment such stories.

From the cliff edge to the ocean, this beautiful part of County Clare makes a lasting impression. Here are five amazing Irish movies that feature the Cliffs of Moher. How many have you seen?

5. Leap Year (2010) – a romantic comedy

5 amazing movies that feature the Cliffs of Moher include Leap Year

Irish-American movie Leap Year was filmed on Inishmore, one of the three Aran Islands, with the gorgeous Cliffs of Moher in the background. The pinnacle moment was shot on Dun Aengus, but it remains one of the movies to feature panoramic views of the Wild Atlantic Way and the infamous cliffs.

The story unfolds when hopeless romantic Anna, played by Amy Adams, travels to Ireland with a view to proposing to her boyfriend on February 29. Her journey, however, doesn’t run smooth and she ends up on the shores of the west coast.

Love it or loath it, Leap Year is a classic rom-com with predictable characters and an even more predictable storyline. This is often enough to make the perfect entertainment…that and the stunning settings of the Emerald Isle. 

4. Into the West (1992) – a heartwarming adventure

5 amazing movies that feature the Cliffs of Moher include Into the West

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s will have a soft spot for the movie Into the West. It is a heart-warming story of two Dublin boys who head to Connacht in search of their beloved horse, Tir Na nOg.

It gives a wonderful insight into the culture of the travelling community as well as the innate spirit of freedom and natural instinct so uniquely Irish it will bring a tear to your eye. 

The raw beauty of Co. Clare’s landscape only adds to the emotion while the Cliffs of Moher represent the boys’ invigorating journey and tireless determination to travel to the edge of the world for what they love.

3. Ryan’s Daughter (1970) – a romantic drama

5 amazing movies that feature the Cliffs of Moher include Ryan's Daughter

People have been known to come to Ireland just to visit the locations used in the 1970 cult classic Ryan’s Daughter. It is one of the most popular movies set on the Cliffs of Moher and has touched the hearts of millions worldwide.

The opening scene shows the main character, Rosy, losing her parasol on the infamous cliffs before the story of unrequited love between a married Irish lady and an English soldier during World War I unfolds. 

It was one of the most popular Irish movies of the 1970s, winning two academy awards and being nominated for four. To this day, Ryan’s Daughter is a family favourite in many households and makes great viewing on a rainy afternoon.  

2. The Princess Bride (1987) – a mix of fantasy, comedy, and adventure 

The Cliffs of Insanity in the Princess Bride movie are actually a famous Irish landmark

A swashbuckling story of dreaded pirates, avenging heroes and true love deserves a dramatic backdrop. The Princess Bride is one of our favourite movies that feature the Cliffs of Moher. 

Appearing as the Cliffs of Insanity, the landmark appears in a stunning shot from sea level as the Man in Black scales the enormous height to save Princess Buttercup from her captors. It is a nail-biting scene that is made so much more effective with the sheer drop of the cliffs and the panoramic shots of the ocean below.

As the hero climbs tirelessly to the top, the angles shown are enough to cause the viewer to feel dizzy. A thrilling favourite among children and adults alike!

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) – a beloved fantasy film

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince feature the Cliffs of Moher and Lemon Rock in one shot

One of the best movies that feature the Cliffs of Moher has to be Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Both Harry and Dumbledore are in danger, and as the plot thickens a dramatic shot is vital.

And where more dramatic than Ireland’s west coast? The two iconic characters take flight to their remote destination before balancing on a rock jutting from the Atlantic. It is then the awesome cliffs provide a fantastic backdrop to this nail-biting storyline.

As they enter the cave Dumbledore slices his hand to sacrifice his own blood as an offering to the mystical spot. “This place has known magic,” Dumbledore dramatically exclaims. He could be right!

Watch: The Cliffs of Moher Harry Potter Scene

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