Another blow for Cork’s culinary scene as a 4th restaurant closes in under two weeks

There has been much heartbreak in Cork City recently, as four much-loved restaurants have closed their doors within the last two weeks.

Cork’s Culinary scene takes another hit as a 4th restaurant closes in 2024.

In another disappointing blow for the people of Cork City, the restaurant The White Rabbit Bar & BBQ on MacCurtain Street in Cork City will become the latest in a long line of restaurants to close in the city centre since the beginning of 2024.

The popular Cork City restaurant will officially close its doors for good on 4 February 2024. Read on for the full story.

The White Rabbit Bar & BBQ – the latest restaurant to close in Cork City

The White Rabbit Bar is the latest Cork City restaurant to close in under two weeks.
Credit: Facebook/ White Rabbit Bar & BBQ

The White Rabbit Bar & BBQ owners in Cork stated that their business will officially close its doors on 4 February.

They claim that it has become “impossible” to effectively manage the expenses of running a successful restaurant in the current cost of living crisis.

In their social media post, they thanked their customers and staff for their ongoing support over the past decade. They encouraged customers to call in for “one last visit” before they officially close in February.

The owners also explained that their Marina Market and White Rabbit Deli businesses will remain open.

They also explained that their MacCurtain Street venue “will return in the near future with a different offering”.

The cost-of-living crisis – considerable stress on businesses

Cork’s Culinary scene takes another hit as a 4th restaurant closes in under two weeks.
Credit: pexels/ Tim Mossholder

In the last two weeks, there have been four closures of city centre restaurants as, besides The White Rabbit Bar & BBQ, other much-loved restaurants such as Nash19, Tung Sing and Pigalle have all unfortunately had to close their doors.

In response to this latest blow to the city, Labour Party Candidate Peter Horgan has called for the government to establish a ‘survival plan’ for the remaining businesses in the city.

“Another closure announced today, and the rumour mill is in overdrive, so something is not right in the city centre.

“We need to strip back the waffle and the grandstanding and excuse the issues that are stymieing small businesses in the city centre.

“Government Ministers and parties have now been put on notice. The time to protect the city centre from oblivion has now arrived. Proactive measures are needed, but we must be willing to put all the cards on the table,” he stated.

The Cork Business Association – calling on the government to intervene

The response of the Cork Business Association. Pictured is Cork City from the river.

Echoing the statements made by Labour Party Candidate Peter Horgan, the Cork Business Association (CBA) has also continued to call on the government to introduce new legislation and strategies to protect struggling businesses.

CBA finance spokesperson Dave O’Brien provided the following advice to struggling businesses: “Our advice is for businesses to engage with their creditors, especially Revenue, and see what can be done regarding repayment schedules.

“You should not be forced into repayment periods that are not sustainable. Revenue will often accommodate longer repayment periods but do need to be nudged in the right direction”.

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