4 popular Irish themed games you can play online

The luck of the Irish – it’s the stuff of legends and folklore, so it should come as no surprise that those visiting the Emerald Isle are often tempted to see if some of that good fortune will rub off in a game of chance.

If you’re paying a visit to Dublin or Cork, you’ll find an impressive choice of nightspots where you can play both traditional table games or the latest video offerings.

But this is the internet age, and in the virtual world, you can get a taste of Ireland right there on your PC or smartphone, wherever you might be in the world.

In this article, we highlight four of the most popular Irish themed games you can play online.

Counting Shamrocks

4 popular Irish themed games you can play online

It’s only a simple card-matching html game, but Counting Shamrocks can keep you entertained for hours. It’s one that all the family can play, and will definitely help younger players brush up on their maths skills. Give it a go here at Primary Games. 

Rainbow Riches

4 popular Irish themed games you can play online

Arguably, this is the game that brought the very phrase the luck of the Irish into common gaming parlance.

Powered by Barcrest, it is one of the most popular games of its kind and often features in casino advertising campaigns.

Part of the popularity lies in the three very different bonus rounds, which keep gameplay interesting and more engaging than simply watching the reels spin and hoping for a match. With a maximum win of €250,000, it can also be highly rewarding. 

Surround the Leprechaun 

Here’s a perfect one for younger players, although adults will also find the multiple levels both challenging and addictive.

Developed by Revan Games, this simple puzzle game features a mischievous leprechaun that is trying to make off with a pot of gold.

Your challenge is to keep him right where he is by blocking his path with strategically placed stones and boulders.

The game is available on a variety of free game sites, or you can play it directly from Revan’s website.  

Clover Rollover

4 popular Irish themed games you can play online

Another slots offering, but this one from Playtech is for those who prefer their games to be a little more old-school.

Its five reels are adorned with traditional Irish symbols like Celtic crosses and top hats, while the jackpot symbol is a pot of gold.

All is set amid lush, green meadows, which combine with the straightforward gameplay to make this one of the more relaxing games on which to try your luck. 

Look out for the green clover symbol. It has the potential to set the progressive jackpot in motion, which can seriously boost your winnings to an impressive 7,500 multiple of your wager. 

So there you have it, four of the most popular Irish themed games you can play online. 

If you’ve got a betting game in mind, this casino review site could be useful to stay safe as it has a free spins Ireland page without deposit, giving you a rundown of sites where you can try your luck and not even have to lay down any money of your own. Always be cautious if you are betting and do so responsibly.

For those who wish to have good old Irish craic without spending money, gaming platforms like Mindjolt or Games.co.uk have a variety of games that are family-friendly and free to play. The only question is which games to try out? If it’s truly the luck of the Irish that you’re after, the following are obvious choices. 

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