32 mad facts: a mad fact about every county of Ireland

The Emerald Isle is comprised of 32 counties which are all unique in their own right. In fact, there is a mad fact about every county of Ireland to discover!

There are many interesting and mad facts about Ireland, and its counties in particular, which may surprise and shock you. 

In this article, we will list one mad fact about every county of Ireland.

1. Antrim

One of the most interesting facts about Northern Ireland is that the RMS Titanic was constructed in the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast. Over 15,000 men worked on it, and it took 26 months to build.

2. Armagh

Armagh is the only city in the world that has two cathedrals dedicated towards the same saint.

The city of Armagh can claim to be the only city in the world to have two cathedrals which are actually both dedicated to the same saint, Saint Patrick.        

3. Carlow

The oldest bridge that is still in operation in Europe is in Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow.

4. Cavan

Cavan claims ownership of the term “living the life of Reilly”, and it is said to have originated from the O’Reilly clans who lived in Cavan in the 1600s. They had so much wealth that they created and issued their own currency.

5. Clare

The inventor of the submarine, John Philip Holland, was from County Clare.

6. Cork

The potato was first planted in Cork in 1588.

The first-ever potato planted in Ireland was most likely planted in Cork in 1588 by Sir Walter Raleigh.

7. Derry

The oldest independent department store in the world is Austin’s in Derry. 

8. Donegal

Due to its isolation both physically, culturally, and, arguably, politically, Donegal has earned the nickname of ‘Ireland’s Forgotten County’.

9. Down

Built in the 13th century, Killyleagh Castle in County Down, Northern Ireland, is the oldest occupied castle in all of Ireland. It is still used as a private home.

10. Dublin

There are over 10-million pints of Guinness produced every day in Dublin.

11. Fermanagh

Another top fact about every county of Ireland is that the Marble Arch Caves is the longest known cave system in Northern Ireland.

The Marble Arch Caves in Fermanagh form the longest known cave system in Northern Ireland.

12. Galway

The longest place name in Ireland is Muckanaghederdauhaulia in Galway.

13. Kerry

The oldest footprints in the world, which are over 385 million years old, can be found in County Kerry.

14. Kildare

The father of Irish Republicanism, Theobald Wolfe Tone, is buried in Bodenstown graveyard.

15. Kilkenny

Kilkenny have had the most successful hurling team in Irish history.

16. Laois

Laois was formally known as the “Queen’s County” up until 1920. It was in honour of Queen Mary (otherwise known as Bloody Mary).

17. Leitrim

Another top fact about every county of Ireland is that you'r emore likely to meet someone with Lietrim roots outside of Ireland.

The Great Famine had such a terrible effect on the small Leitrim population that you are more likely to meet someone with Leitrim roots outside of Ireland rather than within Ireland. 

18. Limerick

The longest footbridge in Ireland, and one of the longest footbridges in Europe, can be found in the University of Limerick.

19. Longford

Edelmiro Julián Farrell, who was a former president of Argentina, can actually claim to have Longford roots. Edelmiro Julián Farrell was the grandson of Longford man Matthew Farrell.

20. Louth

As Ireland’s smallest county, County Louth is nicknamed “the wee county”, and the entire county only stretches a mere 319 square miles.

21. Mayo

The term to “boycott” originally comes from County Mayo where a land agent called Charles Boycott was wholly ignored and shunned by the community in Ballinrobe.

22. Meath

Bru na Boinne is older than the Pyramids of Giza, another top fact about every county of Ireland.
Credit: @newgrangeandknowth / Instagram

The passage tombs of Brú na Bóinne in County Meath are actually 500 years older than the ancient Great Pyramid of Giza.

23. Monaghan

County Monaghan was the birthplace of the famous Irish poet and writer Patrick Kavanagh. He was a significant figure in Irish poetry.

24. Offaly

Barrack Obama's family can be traced back to County Offaly, another of the top fact about every county of Ireland.
(Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Moneygall in County Offaly can proudly claim to be the ancestral home of the former president of the United States, Barack Obama.

25. Roscommon

According to Irish legend, Rathcroghan in Roscommon was the original seat of Queen Medb (Maeve) from the Kings of Connacht. It later went on to be home to the High Kings of Ireland.

26. Sligo

The Irish translation of Sligo actually means “place of shells”.

27. Tipperary

The last ‘witch’ to ever be burned in Ireland was Bridget Cleary from Tipperary. 

28. Tyrone

Tyrone was the traditional stronghold of the strongest of the ancient Gaelic Irish families in Ulster, they were the O’Neill clans.  

29. Waterford

Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland, it was founded by Vikings.

The oldest city in Ireland is Waterford which was founded by Vikings in 914 AD.

30. Westmeath

The county of Westmeath was created in 1543 and was named after the kingdom of Mide, which also included Meath and parts of Kildare, Offaly, Longford, and Cavan.

31. Wexford

The sunniest county in Ireland is Wexford, which gets an average of 4.38 hours of sunshine every day.

32. Wicklow

Wicklow is home to the largest period doll's house in Ireland, one of the top fact about every county of Ireland.
Credit: @deenugs / Instagram

Wicklow is home to Tara’s Palace, the largest period doll’s house in Ireland.

So there you have our comprehensive list of one mad fact about every county of Ireland. If there are any more you can think of, make sure to let us know!

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