32 local dishes: local dishes you need to try in every county of Ireland

You can’t take a trip to Ireland without trying some local Irish dishes so here are 32 local dishes you need to try in every county of Ireland.

Ireland is world-famous for its hearty cuisine. Take Irish stew, for instance: a dish enjoyed in countries far and wide thanks to the Irish who took many recipes abroad.

Believe it or not, we don’t just eat Irish stew in Ireland (although we wouldn’t say no to that) but we have many Irish dishes that we are proud of, and we are here to spill the beans… and no that’s not one of them!

Many of our dishes are described as ‘comfort food’ or ‘hearty food’ because they contain filling ingredients, mainly meat and potatoes, but some other recipes are a little outside the box.

Some of these you may or may not have heard of, but you can certainly thank us later. Here are 32 local dishes, one local dish you need to try in every county of Ireland.

1. Antrim – Lough Neagh Pollan

This freshwater fish is caught in Lough Neagh, County Antrim, the largest lough in the U.K.

This fish is only in season February and March making it a rare find, but we hope you’re in luck.

2. Armagh – Coleraine Cheddar

One of the local dishes you need to try in every county of Ireland is Coleraine Cheddar.
Credit: world.openfoodfacts.org

Whether you like your cheddar mature, medium, or mild, paired with some wine, this local cheese is a great Irish appetizer.

3. Carlow – Coolattin Cheddar

Produced by Tom Burgess for over twenty years, this artisan farmhouse cheese is a firm Carlow favourite. Choose between smoked or vintage and enjoy.

4. Cavan – Colcannon

Potatoes mixed with kale or cabbage and cream sprinkled with some salt and pepper. Yum!

5. Clare – corned beef sandwich

Sliced Irish corned beef between two slices of rye or sourdough bread – a close rival to our beloved crisp sandwich.

6. Cork – skirts and kidneys

Nothing better on a cold Irish day than a hearty stew with pork skirts, kidneys, potatoes, and onions.

7. Derry – champ

Champ is a delicious take on the traditional mashed potato.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

A delicious side dish consisting of mashed potatoes, cream, butter, and spring onions.

8. Donegal – bacon and cabbage

This dish doesn’t need any explanation as its name is pretty self explanatory!

9. Down – Ardglass Potted Herring

Just mix with vinegar, raw onions, spice berries, salt, and pepper for a delicious treat.

10. Dublin – Dublin coddle

Similar to the traditional Irish stew, Dublin coddle is a warming stew made with sausages, bacon, onions, and potatoes dating back to the 1700s.

11. Fermanagh – pastie

Traditional Irish pie made with beef, pork, onions, and potatoes.

12. Galway – Connemara Hill Lamb

Succulent lamb reared in the beautiful region of Connemara.

13. Kerry – Sneem Black Pudding

Sneem Black Pudding is one of the local dishes you need to try in every county of Ireland.
Credit: Instagram / @irishasheats

Deep red/brown blood pudding made only in the County Kerry village of Sneem.

14. Kildare – white pudding

Oatmeal, bread, and pork meat in a sausage casing.

15. Kilkenny – Lavistown cheese

This semi-hard Caerphilly style cheese is one of the oldest Irish farmhouse cheeses.

16. Laois – Irish soda bread

Irish soda bread is a must-try.
Credit: pixabay.com / @HomeMaker

Traditional Irish buttermilk bread best served warm and with a spread of butter.

17. Leitrim – boxty

Next up on our list of local dishes you need to try in every county of Ireland is this traditional Irish potato pancake that is associated with County Leitrim and the midlands.

18. Limerick – Limerick ham

Smoked over juniper branches and boiled in cider, you’ve got to try this unique ham.

19. Longford – beef and Guinness stew

Paired with some tasty soda bread, this hearty pie is a sure winner

20. Louth – oysters

One of the local dishes you need to try in every county of Ireland is Oysters in County Louth.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Sourced at Carlingford Lough, County Louth is the ideal place to try some world-class oysters.

21. Mayo – Clare Island Salmon

World-famous salmon sourced in our wild Atlantic waters of County Mayo and one of the best local dishes you have to try.

22. Meath – Irish scones

Served with jam and cream, these scones are a perfect treat when in County Meath, particularly around The Hill of Tara.

23. Monaghan – breakfast roll

Well, imagine all the components of an Irish breakfast on a fresh, crusty baguette. You’re welcome!

24. Offaly – barmbrack

A loaf of delicious sweet bread filled with cinnamon and raisins or sultanas.

25. Roscommon – spice bag

You have to try a spice bag when you're in Ireland.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

The renowned spice bag is an Irish fast-food favourite consisting of chips, chicken meat, various peppers, and plenty of spices (one of Ireland’s weirdest foods, you need to try).

26. Sligo – Irish breakfast

Of all the local dishes you need to try in every county of Ireland you can’t miss an Irish breakfast. Fried eggs, bacon rashers, sausages, and various vegetables served with soda bread, juice, and tea – delightful.

27. Tipperary – bread and butter pudding

Buttered bread with raisins covered in a creamy custard mixture and baked in the oven.

28. Tyrone – Ulster Fry

An Ulster Fry is up there with the local dishes you need to try in every county of Ireland.
Credit: @PitstopBangor / Facebook

Considered to be Northern Ireland’s ultimate breakfast food. It is a hot debate whether you choose to have beans with your Ulster Fry or not.

29. Waterford – Irish seafood chowder

Seafood chowder is definitely one of those local dishes you need to try made up of various locally sourced fish mixed with vegetables and garnished with parsley.

30. Westmeath – beef and Guinness pie

Basically like the stew from County Longford only topped with pastry and baked in the oven.

31. Wexford – Wexford strawberries

Famous all over Ireland, these strawberries are delicious served with Irish cream.

32. Wicklow – Wicklow Blue

Wicklow Blue is a distinctive Irish cheese.
Credit: Instagram / @oharasbeers

A brie-style, blue cheese made in County Wicklow and perfect with crackers or sprinkled over a salad.

Have we got to salivating yet? We sure hope so, because we are!

Many of our dishes are famous for their own reasons, and many have a rich history behind them. Hence, it’s worth doing a bit of exploring when you try these meals because it will genuinely be an Irish cultural experience.

So you thought all we did in Ireland was drink – well now you know that we have a big appetite too. However, we certainly do have many beers that pair nicely with these dishes, but that’s for another day!

For now, we hope you got some inspiration from local dishes you need to try in every county of Ireland. Béile maith agat (have a nice meal).

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