32 Irish beers: one to try in each county of Ireland

The Irish are known for their breweries and hand-crafted beer, with Guinness being the king, but there are plenty of other amazing Irish beers you need to try.

When it comes to beer, Ireland is one of the best countries in the world for the variety and age-old tradition of beer-making, and beer-drinking for that matter. Beer has been consumed in Ireland for a very long time, and up until the 1700s, it was all imported, until Arthur Guinness took matters into his own hands and opened the first brewery in Dublin, creating Guinness which soon became a world-famous Irish beer.

It seems we Irish have a knack for making beer. It didn’t stop there though. Beer-making has expanded rapidly in our country with brewery after brewery opening in all corners of the green land, providing beer-lovers with little pints of heaven.

We have come up with the ultimate to-do list for your travels in Ireland – to taste a beer in all 32 counties that is! Here we have 32 Irish beers: one to try in each county of Ireland – don’t get too thirsty while reading this!

1. Antrim: Saturn & Saucer by Hillstown Brewery

Antrim's Saturn and Saucer is a unique Irish beer you need to try if you're ever in that part of the country.
Credit: hillstownbrewery.com

A one of a kind fruit-tea style IPA.

2. Armagh: Irish Blonde by McGrath’s Beer

A delightfully refreshing blonde ale.

3. Carlow: White Haze IPA by O’Haras Brewery / Carlow Brewing company

A beer like no other, with tropical fruit flavours and a creamy texture.

4. Cavan: Virginja by O’Cleirigh 

Uniquely-hopped with delicious Citra and Amarillo.

5. Clare: Loudons Irish Stout by Loudons Brewing

A traditional Irish stout.

6. Cork: The Irish Giant by Blacks Brewery

The Irish Giant is an Irish beer you need to try if you're ever in Cork, it's brewed by Blacks Brewery.
Credit: blacksbrewery.com

This 11%, giant beer has notes of caramel, sweet toffee, orange, lemon, plums, and cherries. Yum!

7. Derry: Cherry Londonderry by Walled City Brewery

 Dubbed Walled City Brewery’s ‘politically correct’ fruit beer.

8. Donegal: Limeburner by Kinnegar Brewing

Beautifully crisp and refreshing with a hoppy accent.

9. Down: Barrel-Aged Stout by Mourne Mountains Brewery

A well-aged beer with notes of Irish whiskey.

10. Dublin: Jailbreak Helles Lager by Rascals Brewing 

A traditional German-style Helles lager brewed in Dublin.

11. Fermanagh: Little Dog IPA by Inish Mac Saint

Inish Mac Saint's Little Dog IPA is a must-try Irish beer you can only get brewed in Fermanagh.
Credit: @inishmacsaint / Instagram

Distinctly cloudy and refreshing with a citrus aroma and balanced bitterness.

12. Galway: Oatmeal Stout by N17 Brewing

Roasty, toasty with delicious coffee notes.

13. Kerry: King Puck by Crafty Divils 

A unique pale ale, named after a famous Kerry goat in the region. 

14. Kildare: McGargles Francis’ Bangin’ IPA by Rye River Brewing

A nationwide favourite and one of the best Irish beers to try in 2023

15. Kilkenny: Maltings Irish Red Ale by Sullivan’s Brewing Company

If you're in Kilkenny, make sure you try the Irish beer, Maltings Irish Ale, it is delicious.
Credit: @sullivansbrewco_ / Instagram

Rich biscuit and gentle caramel notes.

16. Laois: Farmer’s Tan by 12 Acres Brewing

Hoppy, American, brown ale.

17. Leitrim: Irish Lager by Carrig Brewing

Brewed with 100% Irish malt and 100% Irish water.

18. Limerick: Shannon River IPA by Treaty City Brewery

A remarkably drinkable, perfectly-balanced beer.

19. Longford: Pale Ale by St Mel’s Brewing

St. Mel's pale Ale is a great Irish beer, one you can only get in Longford.
Credit: stmelsbrewing.com

A session ale with aromas of citrus and pine.

20. Louth: Irish Craft Saison by Boyne Brewhouse

Dry, bitter, peppery.

21. Mayo: Say Nowt Stout by Reel Deel Brewery

This stout is full of rich chocolate and malt flavours.

22. Meath: BRÚ Dubh Stout by BRÚ Brewery

Brú Dubh Stout is another delicious beer to try if you're ever in Meath.
Credit: brubrewery.ie

A traditional, dry, Irish stout with a modern twist.

23. Monaghan: Crann Beatha by Brehon Brewhouse

A whiskey-aged, imperial stout.

24. Offaly: Amber Ale by Bro Bristle Brewing Company

An Irish beer brewed with the finest American hops.

25. Roscommon: Sheep Stealer by Black Donkey

Black Donkey's Sheep Stealer is a great Roscommon beer only made in that area.
Credit: @BlackDonkeyBeer / Facebook

A traditional, Irish farmhouse ale. 

26. Sligo: Cutback by Lough Gill Brewing Co.

Tropical and fruity New England session IPA.

27. Tipperary: Woodcock by White Gypsy

A deliciously fruity ale.

28. Tyrone: Red Hand Pale Ale by Red Hand Brewer

A delicious pale ale you need to try.

29. Waterford: Black Rock by Dungarvan Brewing Company

Black Rock Irish Stout is Waterfords unique Irish beer, a delicious one to try.
Credit: dungarvanbrewingcompany.com

A well-rounded Irish stout with vanilla and aniseed notes.

30. Westmeath: Marooned IPA by Dead Centre Brewing 

A fruity and juicy ale.

31. Wexford: Irish Cream Ale by Greene King / Morland Brewery

Smooth, mellow, and deliciously creamy.

32. Wicklow: Elevation Pale Ale by Wicklow Wolf

Wicklow Wolfs Elevation Pale Ale is one of the best Irish beer you can try, it can be found in Wicklow.
Credit: @wicklowwolf / Instagram

Juicy fruits of pineapple and grapefruit make this a hit with the locals and beyond.

Now that we’ve reached the end and have drunk our way through all 32 counties of Ireland, you will probably want to start planning your trip, allowing enough time to experience all of these flavours, of course.

It is worth noting that some of these beers may only be available for purchase in select pubs or supermarkets. However, many of these breweries offer meals, brewery tours, beer tastings, and much more, so make sure you don’t miss out!

No matter where you end up in Ireland, whether a big city or a small village, you can be guaranteed to find a mouthwatering beer so be sure to try all 32 Irish beers on this list.

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