3 Amazing Spiritual Experiences in Ireland

Ireland is perhaps one of the most spiritual places to visit for those who err on loving mysticism. Beautiful Ireland has tracked its sacred places back to before the pyramids of Egypt were believed to be built. There’s evidence of burial mounds in Newgrange which is said to be aligned by Celtic astrologers to the Winter Solstice on the 21st December.

Legends involved druids and Celtic gods and many abbeys, monastic venues and churches throughout Ireland had pagan origins, but are mostly now immersed in Christianity. Ireland is indeed a spiritual place to visit and there are many experiences you can discover. Discover the ‘thin places’, the spiritual tours and the spiritual churches that make up the mysticism and history of Ireland.

1. Spiritual Tours

If you want to explore Ireland and learn all about the Celtic background and spiritual landscape, then there are spiritual tours and places to stay that take guests on a storytelling adventure through different geographic regions. The north of Ireland is considered to be the most popular place for sacred sites, including Counties Donegal, Kildare, Monaghan and Dublin. You can discover mystical grounds and a fairy tree at Navan Fort in County Armagh, walk the forest path to St Patrick’s Chair, which is a huge throne-like carving cut from stone on a cliff. Close to St Patrick’s Chair is a well that is believed to be an ancient druidic site for rituals. The Beaghmore stone circles are in the Sperrin Mountains of Tyrone, consisting of seven stone circles, all of which are associated with cairns.

2. Spiritualist Readings

If you want to experience spirituality on a more personal level, then there are a host of spiritualist churches in Ireland. Spiritualist churches are usually Christian-based, and have mediums, psychics and healers offering their services to the congregation. Platform mediumship is popular within these venues as resident mediums connect with loved ones who have passed over, passing on messages of love and support to the living. If spiritual readings interest you but you a little nervous or unsure about attending a spiritualist church, then there’s plenty of information about these readings online, and there are even online spiritual companies such as TheCircle who provide genuine telephone readings by gifted psychics and mediums.

3. The Thin Places

In Ireland, so-called Thin Places are sites that have a mystical quality or history about them. The name ‘thin places’ suggests that the curtain between the living world and the eternal, spiritual world is thin and almost connected. Places like the Drombeg stone circle, Newgrange, Carrowmore and Glendalough are famous for being spiritually linked, mystical and are a popular place to behold for any visitor to Ireland. It is believed that visitors claim to witness an experience that presents an ancient reality, almost as if the past, the present and the future meet in the thin places. The ancient Celts spoke of how the veil between heaven and the physical earth is very thin in many places around Ireland. If you are unsure, there are always a number of tour companies on hand, such as Joe Walsh tours, that are able to steer you through the experience.

As the famous Irish Celtic saying goes; “Heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in thin places that distance is even shorter.”