14 Reasons why Ireland could be the Greatest place on Earth

Here is our list of reasons why the Emerald Isle stands amongst the greatest places on earth and possibly is Number 1!

1. The scenery is sensational.

valentia isalnd
Valentia Isalnd, Co. Kerry.

2. The beaches are unbelievable!

portsalon edit
Portsalon Beach, Co. Donegal.

3. Traffic doesn’t exist for much of the country.

N67 Gee
N67, Co. Galway.

4. The coast is wonderful.

Cliffs of Tory Island, CO. Donegal. Credit to Owen clarke photography
Cliffs of Tory Island, Co. Donegal. Credit to Owen clarke photography.

5. There are loads of hidden gems.

Bloody Bridge
Bloody Bridge, Co. Down.

6. The lakes are like this.

Glendalough, CO. Wicklow. Credit: Joe McConkey.

7. The mountains are scenic.

Benbulben, Co. Sligo.
Benbulben, Co. Sligo.


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