12 Reasons why Dublin is the BEST European Capital to live in…

dublin sunset

Dublin is a phenomenal city bursting with culture and beautiful architecture. As anyone who has lived there will tell you, this city is magical for many reasons. We have put together the top 10 reasons why Dublin is better to live in than other European capitals.

1. You can walk across the city centre in about 30 minutes so where ever you wish to go is within reach.

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2. The people are friendly in Dublin – this has been proven in many surveys which cite Dublin among the most friendly cities in the world.



3. The moderate climate means that you’ll never freeze or overheat plus it doesn’t rain as often as you might think.



4. The diverse population makes Dublin a multicultural European community.



5. The cost of living is comparable to major US and European capitals.



6. Located near the sea and with few factories, our fresh and clean air is a welcome breeze.



7. English is the language spoken so there is no need to struggle learning a foreign language to fit in.



8. Owning a car is not necessary in this compact city with public transport options and plenty of taxis.


9. Dublin is a safe place to live with low gun crime and where people are willing to lend a hand.



10. Pubs are smoke-free so you can breathe in the healthy social atmosphere.

The Quays Pub, Galway, Ireland


11. Dublin is a Mosquito-free Zone! Plus it lacks many dangerous insects and snakes too!



12. If you enjoy a nightlife, this is the place for you as restaurants and pubs are bustling every night of the week.

DUB Dublin - Farringtons Pub on Temple Bar by night 3008x2000

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