12 pubs that you MUST SEE in Ireland before you die…

Irish pubs are all around the world! However,  nothing beats an Irish pub in Ireland! Irish pubs can have such a good atmosphere and great folk music! Here is a compilation of the best pubs in Ireland that you must see before you die!

12. The Crosskeys Inn, Co. Antrim.

crosskeys inn

The Crosskeys Inn is the oldest thatched pub in the whole of Ireland! Crosskeys Inn is also one of Ireland’s most famous Irish Traditional Music Pubs. Musicians from all over Ireland have at one time or another played within (and outside) its walls.

11. The Brazen Head, Dublin

brazen head

This pub is located just off the Liffey quays in Dublin, outside the city walls and near the original bridge of Dublin. It’s believed to have been a tavern since 1178.

The historical and literary figures who have enjoyed a pint at the Brazen Head include James Joyce, Brendan Behan, Jonathan Swift , Robert Emmet, Wolfe Tone, Daniel O’Connell and Michael Collins, to name just a few.

10. The Cock, Gormanston, Co. Meath

the cock

It’s believed that The Cock stands on the site of an old medieval inn. Therefore, it has traded without interruption since the 1390s. The Cock has also proudly been run by 21 generations of the McCabe family.

9. T&H Doolans, Co. Waterford


The oldest tavern in Waterford, this establishment is said to date to 1400. The walls in the lounge were built over 800 years ago by the Normans. The pub is officially under preservation as a historical site.

8. McHugh’s, Belfast


This is the oldest pub in one of the oldest buildings in Belfast. It dates from 1711. It’s now a busy urban venue with a 100-seater restaurant, but the building itself dates back over 300 years.

7. Whites Tavern, Belfast


Proudly branding itself as Belfast’s oldest tavern, Whites Tavern is a top tourist attraction for Belfast! If you are looking to soak up a traditional Irish experience, this is a place worth visiting!

6. Old Thatch, Killeagh, Co. Cork

old thatch

The Old Thatch in Co. Cork is the oldest thatched pub in Ireland and has been in the same family since 1667. The ownership of this establishment can be dated back to the 1700s. However, in 1867 the owner John Conway was refused a license on the grounds that he was housing Fenians.

5. Grace Neill’s, Donaghadee, Co. Down


This pub has the oldest title deeds, dating to 1611. To put that in perspective, Grace Neill’s in Co. Down had been open for nearly nine years when the Pilgrims landed in America.

4. Sean’s Bar, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

seans bar

On the site of a wattle alehouse, it is thought that Sean’s Bar dates back to 900. This is officially the oldest pub in Ireland and in fact the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Although most of the evidence found during excavations is now housed at the National Museum of Ireland, some of the self-minted coins from the original establishment can be seen in cases on the walls of the pub.

3. Kelly’s Cellars


Kelly’s Cellars is one of Belfast’s oldest traditional Irish pubs, situated in the heart of the city. Described as “a hidden gem that oozes old traditional values”, it is famous for a pint of Guinness, served with homemade Irish beef stew. Built in 1720, Kelly’s Cellars has changed very little in 200 years and still has most of its original features.

2. Kytelers Inn, Kilkenny


With a history dating back to 1263, Kytelers Inn, in the heart of the Mediaeval City of Kilkenny, combines a rich heritage with 21st-century amenities and service. This place has an extremely good vibe and is definitely worth a visit!

 1. The Singing Pub (Sioin Ceoil), Downings, Co Donegal

The Singing Pub - Atlantic Drive- Downings

Undoubtedly one of Ireland’s best traditional pubs. With the exterior thatched room to the interior, this pub gives visitors a unique experience in the beautiful Co. Donegal. A typical review from TripAdvisor:

“I have been to the Singing pub many times and it never disappoints. The food is great, the staff are friendly and the general atmosphere is brilliant! The last time we visited there was a live band playing which made the whole experience even better and we will definitely be back!! P.S I would recommend the steak which is served on a lava stone, it’s beautiful!”

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