The 11 Best Road Trips Ireland has to offer

The most exciting way to enjoy the sceneries that a place has is a Road Trip. Hitting the unfamiliar road with spectacular views is considered the most unforgettable experience that you can have. There are numerous beautiful routes that you can take on any road trip in Ireland. We have narrowed the best driving experiences down to just ten in this article.

11. Glengesh Pass, Co. Donegal

An amazing road trip

Get yourself out of the car and take a deep breath, then enjoy the surroundings. There is no better than seeing it and feeling it with your own eyes. The views explain why you have to stay for a while. One highlight that you will find in a stop, is reaching the Silver Strand Beach, just 160-odd steps away.

10. The Sky Road, Co. Galway

Sky Road, Clifden, Co. Galway.

This place has one of the best dramatic views in Connemara, one of the most outstanding areas of Ireland. The grand striking view of Clifden bay and other island will impress you. Its overall distance trip to the west is just 15.2 km, packed with amazing and beautiful highlights.

9. The Salle Gap, Co. Wicklow

Passing through the Wicklow Mountains will lead you to the north of Dublin but before you get in there, you will see the green field valleys and the mesmerizing view of the Lough Tay. You will discover more beauty for yourself when you see Glendalough.

8. Sheep’s Head Peninsula, Co. Cork

Sheeps Head, County Cork is another exciting ring drive, but turns on the south coast of Ireland. This peaceful vibrant place will take you to a paradise that you will remember until the end of your road trip. The location has one of the mildest climates in Ireland. The place is also known because of its route that will take you to the whole peninsula with unbelievable views of both side of the Atlantic. The route will only take 40km long, so lower your speed and enjoy every inch of the place that you will be able to see.

7. The Atlantic Drive, Co. Mayo

Itin2_Keem Strand drive_bg

Enjoy the long coast as you drive the road to Dooagh on Achill Island. You will be able to find the most remote and scenic views on this route. This ride could be the most remarkable as one of your ending trips in every destination. Along the way, you will see the colorful views of grass and flowers that will not disappoint your expectations of the place. It will even give you more than anything that you are imagining before you arrive into the place. Croagh Patrick, Clew bay, the Maamturks in Connemara, and the beautiful village of Mulranny will give you the best reasons why you have to stay for a while, enjoy every single detail of the view, take pictures and even drive it in a little longer.


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