101 phrases Irish Parents say to their children at least once

Growing up with Irish parents can be a unique experience. It can teach you lots of life skills that may or may not come in handy.

It can prepare you for any ‘hard times’ you might have to come and make you eternally grateful for what you have, always in the safe knowledge that your poor Irish parents never had half of the toys, clothes, trips out or meals you enjoyed as a child.

You will breathe many a sigh of relief that you didn’t have to walk to school in your bare feet, suffer the cane in school or share a bed with nine siblings.

You will know the value of money and be well aware that it does NOT grow on trees and you will always finish your food.

Depending on where you grew up there is a strong chance a small part of you still believes in fairies or some other breed of magical creature.

You will have heard numerous stories from your Irish parents about pixie dust, elves or naughty leprechauns over the years and they have left their mark.

Here are 101 phrases Irish parents will say to their children at least once. The sayings vary for Irish mothers and fathers but if you are the lucky offspring of either you are sure to recognise at least a few.

101 For the love of God!

100 Ask your mammy

99 Ask your daddy

98 Show me your tongue, if it’s black you’re lying

97 Every time you lie, a fairy dies

96 Santy is watching

95 Do you want to get a bag of coal on Christmas morning?

94 We’ll see!

93 You have two chances of that happening

92 I wasn’t born yesterday

91 Do you think I came down in the last shower?

90 Where’s the wooden spoon?

89 You don’t know how lucky you are

88 In my day…

87 You don’t know you’re born

86 You’re not leaving the table until you eat that dinner

85 More sweets? You’ll turn into a sweet

84 Your face will stay like that if the wind changes

83 Mind yourself!

82 Would you look at your woman!

81 The state of that

80 Jesus, Mary and Joseph

79 Ask Saint Anthony to find it for you

78 Say a prayer

77 I’ll light a candle for you

76 I’ll say a prayer for you

75 I’ll get Nana to light a candle for you

74 Wash your hands, you could grow spuds under those nails

73 Pick that up before someone breaks their neck on it

72 Get down off that before you fall and break your neck

71 Don’t speak to your mother like that

70 Wait until your father gets home

69 Here’s his car now

68 There’ll be wigs on the green

67 There’ll be holy murder

66 What will the neighbours think?

65 Get away out of that

64 If he jumped off a cliff, would you follow him?

63 If she put her finger in the fire, would you put your finger in the fire?

62 Get back up them stairs, you’re not going out in that!

61 Where’s my purse?

60 Go on, treat yourself!

59 Put some Sudocrem on it

58 Don’t make me come up them stairs

57 Those biscuits are NOT for you

56 Stop acting the maggot

55 God give me patience

54 Stop trick acting

53 Stop acting the goat

52 You’re doing my head in

51 Did you turn off the immersion?

50 There’s clean towels in the hotpress

49 He’s a gas man that fella

48 Don’t mind him

47 I’m only pulling your leg

46 You’ll catch your death of cold going around half naked

45 I will, yeah

44 I will in my eye

43 I’m only codding ye

42 Are you codding me?

41 You know what you can do for me now

40 Get up the yard

39 That’s a great rig-out altogether

38 Isn’t it well for you heading off

37 Stay away from him, he’s only a gurrier

36 What’s the story?

35 Tell me this and tell me no more

34 Have you any scandal?

33 Where did we get you from?

32 You get that from my side of the family

31 You get that from your dad’s side

30 Didn’t he die?

29 I thought she died

28 You’ll never guess who died

27 He just went to bed one night and woke up dead

26 I won’t go near you, I’ve got a terrible dose on me

25 I’m only going for one

24 He’s some man for the pints

23 He was lorrying into the pints

22 It’s a school night!

21 Straight up to bed after Glenroe

20 You won’t be able to see straight tomorrow

19 You’ll be like a bear with a sore head

18 You’ll be like a bag of cats

17 He doesn’t look well

16 He’s gone to the dogs

15 That’s just the pits

14 Get that muck off your face

13 Make sure you’ve clean underwear on in case you get hit by a car

12 Come here ‘til we have a look at you

11 Can you walk in those shoes?

10 Is that yourself?

9 Myself and herself are off out

8 I haven’t a notion what you’re on about

7 I’m at the end of my tether

6 I’m going up after the ‘Late Late’

5 What time do you call this?

4 You’d want to take a good look in the mirror

3 It’s not off the stones she licks it

2 Who’s ‘she’, the cat’s mother?

1 Right, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye

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