10 virtual tours of Ireland’s most famous landmarks

Bored at home? Want to travel? Check out these virtual tours of Ireland’s most famous landmarks!

Check out ten of the top virtual tours of Ireland’s most famous landmarks.

Tourism in Ireland has been on the rise year in, year out. 2020 was set to build upon previous records before the current pandemic put a halt to all travel and tourism on the Emerald Isle. Would you like to try some virtual tours of Ireland’s most famous landmarks?

Your hunger to see these standout attractions has been quelled. We have teamed up with Virtual Visit Tours to provide you with a unique, modern, and innovative way to tour and explore Ireland amid the restrictions imposed upon us by the pandemic. 

Virtual Visit Tours are offering 360-degree virtual tours of some of Ireland’s most famous landmarks. So, get as close to the action as you possibly can with a comprehensive view of Ireland’s most sought-after tourist destinations and citadels of cultural and historical significance.

Here are ten virtual tours of Ireland’s most famous landmarks made available by Virtual Visit Tours.

Familiarise yourself with all the buttons

Before you start, make sure you familiarise yourself with all the buttons including the one highlighted which allows you to change the scene in each location!

10. National Museum of Ireland – Natural History (Dublin) – where nature and mythology combine

Opened to the public for the first time in 1857, The Natural History Museum in Dublin is a fascinating catalogue of over two million species, half of which are insects.

The museum is also famous for its beautiful Victorian cabinet style, and its sculptured panels of mythological figures, and influencing remnant of Irish history and culture.

9. Enniskillen Castle Museums (Co. Fermanagh) – for a history of Fermanagh

One of the best virtual tours of Ireland would be the Enniskillen Castle Museums, whose mission is to “safeguard the history of Fermanagh as a source of enjoyment, education, and culture for all”.

On your tour, you will encounter the tales of pre-historic and present Fermanagh, alongside its collection of archaeology, history, arts, and folklife.

8. Dunbrody Famine Experience (Co. Wexford) – a tragic time in Irish history

The Dunbrody Famine Ship is emulated on the historic Dunbrody emigrant vessel built in 1845 in Quebec by an Irish immigrant from County Derry.

This captivating experience recounts the suffering of those during the famine era. It is a visceral insight into the fortitude of those who braved the Atlantic’s stormy waters.

7. Slemish Mountain (Co. Antrim) – panoramic views of the Antrim countryside

The outstanding Slemish Mountain is uniquely planted amongst the rural expanse of Antrim countryside, standing at 437 metres and dominating the landscape for miles around it.

The mountain is the central core of an extinct volcano and legend says that St. Patrick tended herds here for his master Miluic in the 5th century.

6. Blarney Castle (Co. Cork) – not just the kissing stone

The Blarney Castle in County Cork was built over six hundred years ago, with this tour encompassing the towering castle, famous stone, and green gardens.

Elsewhere, the Castle gardens also take in the Fern Garden and the Rock Close, with gorgeous eighteenth-century art abounding.

5. Johnstown Castle Gardens (Co. Wexford) – one of the best virtual tours of Ireland’s landmarks

Kicking off the top five virtual tours of Ireland’s most famous landmarks is the Johnstown Castle Gardens, buried deep in County Wexford.

You will not be disappointed by the beautiful 19th-century structure, which is enveloped by the near-impressive Gardens free to tour.

4. Gobbins Cliff Path (Co. Antrim) – walk on the cliff-edge

One of the defining features of the intoxicating Causeway Coastline is the Gobbins Walk and Cliff Path, a path carved into black basalt cliffs that enjoin bridges, overcomes caves, and cuts through a tunnel.

You will hug the Antrim coastline as you navigate the path, which was first built in 1902 and continues to call out to an abundance of visitors.

3. Tyrella Beach (Co. Down) – for views of the Mournes

The Tyrella beach has been annually awarded the reputable Seaside Award since 1997 and has maintained the Blue Flag since 2011.

Its golden sand stretches for 2 km and is protected by 25 hectares of sand dunes, with the majestic Mourne Mountains overlooking in the distance.

2. St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Dublin) – one of the best virtual tours of Ireland’s most famous landmarks

Built between 1220 and 1260 and standing 43 metres tall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest church in Ireland and was built in honour of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick.

It is one of the few buildings left from medieval Dublin. Yet, it remains one of the city’s most visited attractions and is a respected place of worship.

1. Cliffs of Moher (Co. Clare) – Ireland’s premier tourist destination

Where else would be the best virtual tour of Ireland’s most famous landmarks other than the absorbing Cliffs of Moher on the coast of County Clare?

The 200-foot-tall cliffs run for a total of 14 km and welcome millions of visitors yearly as Ireland’s premier tourist destination.

While prohibited from travel, quell your thirst for stunning views of Ireland with a virtual tour of any of Ireland’s most famous landmarks mentioned above.

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