10 Types Of People You ALWAYS Meet On A Night Out In Ireland

Nights out in Ireland are a unique experience. Between the pints of Guinness and Mark McCabes Maniac 2000, you’d be hard-pressed to find better craic anywhere in the world. But hands down, the best thing about a night out in the Emerald Isle, is the people you meet on your way to a sore head.

These characters will make, break and shape your night, and you’re almost guaranteed to bump into them in any Irish town you find yourself in. Our reputation as the friendliest nation on Earth is well earned and it’s no surprise that cead mile failte translates to “a hundred thousand welcomes.”

1. The Taxi Driver

After you leave your apartment/friends house/hotel room the first person you’re going to meet is the taxi driver who picks you up. His name will definitely be Mick or Joe and before he can get stuck into the topics of traffic and the state of the nation, be sure to pick his brains.

Irish taxi drivers are fountains of knowledge and all too happy to chat. He’ll inevitably know all the local gossip and where the hot spots to go out are. Arrange to have him bring you home too and you’ll have a friend for the night!

2. The Stag Party/Hen Party

Ireland is a hot spot for hens and stags these days. Every weekend, soon to be brides and grooms flock to the cities to enjoy one last trip with their wolf packs. So you better be prepared for hordes of girls in matching T-shirts and pink sashes lining up to do shots at the bar, leaving a trail of feather boas in their wake. As for the stags, they’ll be the ones forcing the groom into a wedding dress, singing Don’t Look Back in Anger and looking for the late night casino.

3. Mad Sports Fans

If you happen to be in the country on any big sporting weekend, congratulations, you’re timing couldn’t be better. If we’re playing a big rugby or soccer match, Irish people will be in the mood to party. Most of the time it doesn’t even matter if we win, you’ll still walk down the street with The Fields of Athenry ringing in your ears.

And if you find yourself in the winning county of an All Ireland Final, you will witness joy and celebration like never before. GAA fans will be so happy they’ll include you in their next round as soon as they learn your name!

4. The girl who thinks she can dance

You can find this girl on a night out in almost any country. But the Irish breed is a bit special. She’ll have had a bottle of wine with the girls, before moving on to cocktails and then shots of tequila. She might have swapped her heels for the comfy flats she squished into her tiny bag.

She’ll be bopping away to Little Mix with her friends and then the DJ will play the game changer. He’ll drop Riverdance. Suddenly her arms are glued to her sides, her friends have made a circle around her and she’s reliving the glory days of medals at the local feis. Jean Butler eat your heart out.

5. International tourists

Ireland is famous worldwide for its beautiful nature and historic towns which means we get to welcome tourists from all over. Why wouldn’t they want to venture into the night and experience craic like nowhere else?

They’ll be the ones donning Aran jumpers and sipping on pints of the black stuff while quizzing the locals on where to get the best full Irish breakfast the next day. Generally to be found in pubs with live trad music, selfie stick in hand. If you can’t see them, you ARE them. 😉

6. The guy/girl who’s just out for the shift

Whether she’s on the rebound or he’s accompanying his wingman, odds are you’ll run into someone with the express goal of getting the shift. You’ll be approached on the dancefloor, at the bar and of course, the smoking area. If this aligns up with your hopes for the evening, go forth and enjoy yourself, my friend! If not, just take it as a compliment and you’ll have a great story!

7. Students who drink way too much

If you’re staying in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway or Belfast, first of all, good choice! Second of all, you’re in a university city and the students own the night. You’ll meet them around every corner. In the off license stocking up on cans for the pre-sesh, on the street working as club promoters (“Free entry and two cocktails for a fiver!) and in the local chipper getting a kebab for the walk home.

Don’t judge them too harshly though, we were all there once! Despite all the fake tan and bottles of Buckfast, students are really friendly and will gladly point you in the right direction or lend you a hairbrush in an emergency.

8. Buskers

Some of the most common characters in any Irish town, are the gang of friendly, neighbourhood buskers. These talented and creative types regularly stay up past their bedtimes to entertain the night owls and sing for their supper.

On any given evening, you’re likely to find a young lad with a guitar covering Ed Sheeran songs, a trad band all wearing flat caps or an illusionist juggling flaming torches on top of a ladder. We get it all here! But don’t be too quick to walk past them, serious talent is on display on the streets of Ireland. Toss them a few euro and you’ll have bragging rights when they turn out to be the next internet sensation.

9. The Mammy

Irish mammies are famous around the world for their unique phrases and perspective on life. If you’re not lucky enough to be staying with one while you’re in Ireland, you might just happen to find them on your night out. They could be out with the “girls from zumba” or having a nightcap with the mister but either way, they’ll be nursing a red wine or a G&T. Common phrases include, “Well isn’t your one just gorgeous? I bet she didn’t get that skirt in Dunnes!” and “What kind of music is this at all? Boom boom boom, can they not play at bit of Adele?”  The Irish mammy will have you in stitches without even trying.

10. The Irish Speaker

If your ears can cut through the sounds of people singing along to Galway Girl and the clink of pints, then you might be in for a treat. Like rare birds, they float through the night, Gaelic words rolling off their tounges. Only to be found in certain parts of the country. If you get chatting to them, they might just teach you a cupla focail (few words!).

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