10 things the Irish are the best in the world at

We can’t deny it, it is simply just facts — these are the top 10 things the Irish are the best in the world at.

10 things the Irish are the best in the world at

Ireland may be a small country in Europe, but it has a big personality. It is often associated with rolling green hills, postcard-worthy pastoral settings, pints of Guinness, castles ruins, and traces of Ireland’s ancient past.

Yep, it is safe to say that we have our own unique identity. And not to toot our own horn, but there are certain things that Irish people truly excel in.

Here are ten things the Irish are the best in the world at!

Ireland Before You Die’s overview of what the Irish are the best in the world at

  • One thing that Ireland is undoubtedly known for is having a laugh, and the Irish people are great at having a laugh at their own expense. So, the Irish sarcasm, wit and craic is one of the things Ireland is the best in the world at.
  • For sure, the Irish are the best at slang in the world; knackered, banjaxed, boyo, chancer, feck off, jacks … All incredible Irish slang words!
  • The Irish LOVE to talk about the weather! It is probably because the weather here is so unpredictable, even at the best of months! We can talk about the weather all day, everyday.
  • Irish mammies are easily the best mammies in the world. Irish mammies always know what to do and are pillars of strength. There’s no convincing us this one is wrong!
  • Sunday roasts, hands down, the best dinner in the world. Whether at home or out in a restaurant, there is just no beating these.

10. Thanking bus drivers

Thanking bus drivers is one of the things the Irish are the best in the world at.
Credit: www.bigbustours.com

It may seem like a silly little cultural norm, but manners go a long way in any culture. In Ireland, it is seen as status quo to greet, but more so, thank, a bus driver when you’re getting off the bus.

It’s always the case that kindness is returned in kind, so jump on the bandwagon (or, more appropriately, the bus) and brush up on your “please” and “thank you” before visiting the Emerald Isle.

9. Sunday roasts

Sunday roasts are one of the things the Irish are the best in the world at.

Sunday roasts are not exactly exclusive to Ireland, but arguably, they are one of the top things the Irish are the best in the world at.

Luckily, we have Irish mammies (see #7) on hand with recipes passed down from generation to generation, and seeing as farming is one of our leading industries, you can count on solid fare each Sunday.

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8. Avoiding a compliment

Avoiding a compliment is one of the things the Irish are the best in the world at.

One top thing the Irish are the best at is avoiding a compliment. It is not exactly clear why us Irish have such a problem humbly accepting a commendation, but we do.

Avoiding a compliment is inherent to the Irish people (in the majority, of course). Give it a whirl, and you’ll likely be met with a series of polite but awkward diversions. 

7. Irish mammies

Mammies are one thing that Ireland does best in the world

One aspect of Irish culture that excels is the wonder of Irish mammies. Often referred to as “supermums,” they are known to offer agony aunt services, have the best remedies for a cold or flu, give the best hugs, make the best comfort food, and always have the kettle on.

Irish mammies: we salute you!

6. Drinking Guinness

Drinking Guinness is one of the things the Irish are the best in the world at.

Another thing that the Irish are the best in the world at is drinking Guinness. Seeing as the Dublin-born stout is practically the drink of our nation, and served in abundance in every pub, bar, and restaurant on the Emerald Isle, we feel this is a pretty fair statement.

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5. Talking about the weather

Talking about the weather is one thing that people from the Emerald Isle are best at

One skill that the Irish certainly excel in is the ability to talk endlessly about the weather. It is safe to say that Ireland doesn’t have the most consistent or balmy weather, but in comparison to more severe northern or southern climates, it is not that bad!

Nevertheless, Irish people possess an exhaustive superpower that enables us to endlessly discuss the mediocrity of our climate, on repeat, multiple times per day.

4. Drinking tea

People from the Emerald Isle excel at drinking tea

If there were world games in which countries were tested against each other based solely on their thirst for tea, Ireland just may win. Yep, we sure do love a cuppa!

The age-old argument of whether Barry’s Tea or Lyon’s Tea is the ultimate hot drink continues to this day. Try for yourself and let us know. (Cough—Barry’s forever—cough.)

3. Slang

Slang is one thing Irish people do best

Slang varies depending on where on the Emerald Isle, or even where in the world, you are. And even though it is fair to say that different slangs are interesting and intriguing in abundance, we’re also going to say that Irish slang could be some of the best in the world!

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2. Irish pubs

A true Irish pub is best experienced on the island of Ireland.

When it comes to things the Irish are the best in the world at, you can’t deny they do Irish pubs better than anyone. Sure, you’ll find some good ones in other parts of the world, such as America, the style and tradition of a true Irish pub is best experienced on the island of Ireland.

With countless traditional pubs on offer across the country, each one brimming with charm and character so intrinsic to Ireland, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

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1. The craic

People from Ireland are skilled at the craic

One thing Ireland does so inherently well is the craic. This is the Irish people’s humour.

It is dry. It is sarcastic. It is loaded with subtleties and wit. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you’re in for a treat.

The craic is based on having a good sense of humour, so remember not to take it too seriously, as it can sometimes come off as slightly mocking or teasing.

Your questions answered about the things the Irish are the best in the world at

Read our article on the things the Irish are the best in the world at and still have some questions? Then look no further! Below, we have put together the most frequently asked questions about the topic.

What are the Irish good at?

The Irish are good at many things, such as drinking tea, giving a helping hand to either a friend or a stranger, having a laugh with friends and at themselves, and drinking a pint or two.

What are Ireland the best at?

The top things we have outlined that Ireland is the best at is talking about the weather, drinking tea, creating slang words, our pubs and bars, and having the craic.

What is so special about Irish people?

What is so special about Irish people is that they are very kind, caring and welcoming people. Generally, Irish people are down to earth and industrious people.

What is Ireland known for in the world?

Ireland is known for Guinness, Irish dancing, its lush green landscape, its divided and tragic history, and more.


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