10 Small Things That Really Annoy Irish People

Irish people are traditionally depicted as a laid-back, quick-witted lot. From the land of saints and scholars, they are often well versed and skilled in conversation, banter and generally keeping people amused.

Facing a number of challenges over the years as well as braving the unpredictable weather on a daily basis has left Irish people somewhat hardy with a tendency not to take things too seriously.

But alas, even the Irish are not perfect and can get annoyed as much as the next race. Here are a few small things that can really get on Irish people’s nerves.

10. The Cold

Yes, I know we should be used to it by now but feeling the cold is often cause for frustration among the Irish. No matter how long the winter lasts people will still comment on how freezing it is outside and sound quite surprised about it. I’m sure every cold season is referred to as the “worst winter ever!”

A cold house is also sure to irk an Irish person and having a fireplace or wood-burning stove, as the focal point is common in an Irish home.

Nothing quite beats curling up in a fireside armchair with a large mug of tea and the warm smell of turf in the air.

9. Badly Made Tea

Irish people are generally big tea drinkers but if your heart’s not in it then please don’t offer. A pot of tea is more than just a hot drink to an Irish native. It is a chance to take a break from the day, recharge the batteries and have a chat/moan about things.

The tea must be made with a certain amount of care but the method will differ from house to house. Generally, it should be piping hot, strong and preferably Barry’s.

Serve it with a nice biscuit and you have a friend for life. Hand them a cup of warm milk you have just waved a teabag over and chances are you won’t be seeing your Irish pal for a while.

8. Stingy People

Irish people are usually generous. Christmas, birthdays, christenings, holy communions, weddings…. send the invite and they will more than likely turn up with an appropriate gift and plenty of money for a drink.

The general consensus on a night out is for each person in the group to buy a round of drinks. This gets interesting the more people arrive but works well.

But bring along someone who doesn’t buy a round and they will be mentally clocked by every Irish person there. Usually given the benefit of the doubt the first time but if dodging a round happens again it will not go down well.

7. Monday Morning

Maybe it was the Glenroe closing theme that embedded the fear of Monday morning into millions of Irish people but it is fair to say that many of us hate the first day of a new working week.

Irish people generally enjoy socializing at the weekend so when Monday comes around it can leave them with a heavy heart.

The shrill ring of an alarm clock and the battering of rain on the bedroom window all add to the sinking feeling that it’s going to be a long week. But never fear, the weekend in Ireland starts all over again on Thursday night.

6. The Weather

Yes, back to the weather. “But you already mentioned The Cold!” I hear you cry. Well, the weather is different. This could be anything from too much rain to too much sun.

Ireland is famous for the amount of rain it gets but not many people know about the different types of rain on offer.

The complaint could be about the heavy, torrential rain that leaves you with the flu should you get caught in it, the fine ‘Irish’ rain that soaks you to the bone or even the ice-cold sleet that cuts the face off you.

And as for the sun! While many Irish people love the heat others find it hard to take. Pale burnt skin, as well as a strong aversion to sweating, can contribute to the moaning you will hear in Ireland over the summer.

Not to mention complaints about no air conditioning at work and having nothing suitable to wear!

5. The Price of Butter

Fresh clean air, rugged landscapes and super nice people are some of the top reasons why Ireland is so great. But it’s not all tapping toes and creamy pints!

Ireland is one of the most expensive countries to live in with Dublin reportedly more expensive than London. So it is no surprise Irish people get annoyed with the high cost of living.

Everyday essentials are often well overpriced while a night out can leave your bank balance looking dismal. Rent can work out very high in the cities while holiday accommodation varies across counties.

4. Bad Irish Accents

Many love the Irish accent and quirky phrases are often used in playful banter worldwide. Dialects and tones vary greatly across the country with the flat Dublin accent getting progressively higher as you travel south.

But a bad Irish accent is something that can really annoy the locals. Think Tom Cruise in Far and Away and you have an idea of what I mean.

Sit down to watch such a movie with an Irish person and they will soon be yelling at the screen in despair.

3. Masked Irish Accents

Just as a bad accent can annoy Irish folk anyone who attempts to mask their true accent will also feel the wrath of their native people.

Celebrities living abroad, successful folk who deny where they originally come from or even that young wan up the road who landed herself an important job and now runs for the “Dort” instead of the “Dart” won’t go down well with the neighbours. 

Thinking above your station is a big no-no in Ireland and there are no better people to bring you back down to earth with a bump once you return.

2. Getting the Flu

There is a reason why many of the nurses around the world are Irish and my theory is because we hate being sick.

With all that rain (the torrential kind) it is no surprise having the flu is something the Irish are all too familiar with.

Laid up in bed, smothered in woollen blankets and Vicks is a common memory for many Irish people. Bottles of 7Up and bags of glucose sweets still send flu-like shivers down my spine.

1. A Bad Pint

So it has rained all week (the fine ‘Irish’ kind), the boiler has been playing up so the house is freezing and your boss is on your case.

But it’s ok because it is finally Thursday and you have plans to go for a quick pint with a pal to kick off the weekend.

But just when you thought things were looking up you get a pint handed to you that looks like a toddler pulled it.

This, my friends, is the final straw and one of the reasons a bad pint ranks number one.

Irish people are easy going, hard working and generally nice but a bad pint at the end of a bad week and you will see a whole other side.

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Erika Sanger is a journalist who has written for a range of news hubs across the globe. Born and bred in Dublin there is nothing she enjoys more than writing about her homeland. Her heart lies in the fishing village of Howth on the North side of the capital but she can often be found in the West of Ireland indulging her fascination with the Wild Atlantic Way and her soft spot for Connemara ponies.