From the high prices to our conservative past, Ireland has a few surprising and unpopular facts that we reveal herein.

10 surprising and unpopular facts about Ireland.

Ireland, a country known for its warm welcomes, fantastic pints, and captivating music culture, may seem fascinating.

Still, behind its popular image are several home truths you should know. While some of these surprising and unpopular facts may seem shocking, others also add to the captivating nature of the nation.

Let’s take a look.

10. The weather is shocking – sad but true

The weather is shocking most of the time.
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We hate to admit this, but the weather in Ireland is, in fact, some of the worst in Europe. Not only can we not rely on warm summer days, but we can get soaked by the rain without a moment’s notice.

While this is sad but true, it means that our country boasts incredibly lush, green landscapes, and we love that.

9. Ireland was once a very conservative country – we have come a long way

10 surprising and unpopular facts about Ireland.
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While we like to leave this version of Ireland in the past, now that we are one of the most progressive countries in the world, the truth is Ireland once had some shocking rules.

From illegal divorce to the lack of women’s rights and the atrocities of the Magdalene laundries, Ireland once had some stringent conservative regulations.

8. Being drunk in public is illegal – an unpopular fact

Being drunk in public is illegal.
Credit: Pixabay/ jarmoluk

One of the most surprising facts is that although we are a nation of drinkers and love to have a good time with a night on the town occasionally, being too drunk in public is an offence.

Despite many people ignoring this unpopular fact, there is a chance you could be arrested after having too many pints in public.

7. St Patrick wasn’t even Irish – he was an honorary Irishman

10 surprising and unpopular facts about Ireland.
Credit: Flickr/ Thad Zajdowicz

Yes, believe it or not, our patron saint was a Welshman who banished the snakes from Ireland and thus became a symbol of our country.

This surprising and unpopular fact is one that we like to keep shtum about since St Patrick’s Day is our national day and is a big deal worldwide.

6. The Irish LOVE potatoes – an unpopular national stereotype

Stereotypes are boring, but we do love potatoes.
Credit: Pixabay/ Wounds_and_Cracks

While the Irish hate stereotypes and have heard them all over the years, one of the truths is that we do love potatoes.

Irish people consume an average of 60.7 kg of potatoes per capita, and there was once a time when we consumed more than double that. But we will never admit that this stereotype is true.

5. Ireland has a housing crisis – one of the worst aspects

10 surprising and unpopular facts about Ireland.
Credit: Flickr/ William Murphy

For one of Europe’s most progressive countries, Ireland has one of the worst housing crises, which has engulfed the country in recent years.

According to a report by S+T+ARTS, since 2012, house and apartment prices in Dublin have risen by 90%, while wages have only increased by 18%. This has rendered buying a home unfeasible for anyone.

4. We don’t drink the most Guinness – we will never admit it

As a nation, Nigeria drinks more Guinness.
Credit: Instagram/ @bittlesbar

That’s right, one of the most surprising and unpopular facts about Ireland is that our nation might be a lover of pints, but we are not the biggest drinkers of Guinness.

In fact, Nigeria takes the lead for drinking the most Guinness in the world, but we will always pretend that we do.

3. A nation divided – we don’t like to talk about it

10 surprising and unpopular facts about Ireland.
Credit: Flickr/ Gillfoto

One of the most surprising and unpopular facts about Ireland is how the partition of Ireland has affected people on both sides of the border. These days, there is thankfully peace, but a trace of animosity can still be sensed in certain parts of the nation.

With two separate countries, currencies, and social systems existing, it remains a taboo subject for some.

2. It’s expensive – more than you think

It's expensive to live and to visit.
Credit: Flickr / Images Money

While many countries are considered pricey within Europe, Ireland takes it to the next level and is up there with the likes of Switzerland and Norway.

The prices in Ireland have skyrocketed in recent years, and work-life balance remains a difficult juggle for Irish people, especially in Dublin.

1. The exorbitant price of alcohol – a 2022 legislation

10 surprising and unpopular facts about Ireland.
Credit: Pixabay/ Pexels

One thing that will shock anyone visiting Ireland is the price of alcohol, even in supermarkets. In January 2022, the minimum unit pricing on alcohol came into effect as a means of curbing the country’s consumption of alcohol.

This law meant that each gram of alcohol would cost at least ten cents, a rule which many say hasn’t even worked in achieving its goals.

Yes, these surprising and unpopular facts about Ireland are just that. While specific facts may still be deemed taboo, others can be acknowledged with a sense of acceptance – until change comes about, at least.

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