10 Reasons You Need To Visit The Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork

Just next to the Ring of Kerry, you will find the Beara peninsula. Beara has many places worth visiting for a brilliant holiday. So, Thea Stoeten gives you ten reasons why you should go, after spending quite a few holidays in this wonderful part of Ireland.

10. It’s less crowded

Which tourist doesn’t go to the Ring of Kerry? You will find busloads, literally, on the Ring. For sure Kerry has its beauty. The scenery is certainly amazing. But you will find that on Beara too. It has a lot of desolated land where you can take a break from anything that might be bothering your life.

9. Ireland’s only cable car

The only cable car in Ireland is here

Up for some adventure? Take the cable car to Dursey Island. It’s the only cable car on Ireland and you will be swinging 250 meters above the sea. There’s a chance your fellow passenger bleats to you because sheep are travelling to Dursey Island with the cable car as well. Enjoy the view and you might be lucky and see a dolphin wandering around beneath you in the sea.

8. The amazing Ballydonegan Beach (near Allihies)

If you think Ireland has no proper beach, this one will change your mind instantly. It’s a beach with almost white sand and quite large. You will have a view on the typical green Irish landscape as well. It’s basically like having the best of both worlds.
Now even in Ireland, you have some hot days. But remember, if you would like to go for a swim, it’s the Atlantic ocean you’re jumping in. Unless you are fond of cold water, paddling is the most you can do.

7. The sensational road between Allihies and Castletownbere

After you have taken a walk along the beach, get into your car and drive towards Cahermore to end up in Castletownbere at the end. It’s the kind of road trip where you will need a cup of something or stronger afterwards to digest the impressions. Luckily Castletownbere has enough nice places to find that drink you need. Just have a look around the harbour.

6. The beautiful Kilcatherine Point

It feels like the end and the beginning of the world if you are standing on Kilcatherine point. If the weather is any kind to you, you will have an amazing view of an endless ocean. If you turn your head to the right, you see the contours of the Ring of Kerry across the Kenmare River. Getting there is an adventure. You will meet a few potholes along the way so be careful driving towards the end and the beginning of the world.

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