10 Reasons why Ireland is the Best Country in Europe

You could argue that Ireland is the best place in the world and we wouldn’t challenge you, but to keep things a little bit more measurable, we’ll say in the whole to Europe.

This island nation in the North Atlantic is the neighbour of Great Britain. Small in size and big in spirit, here are the top 10 reasons Ireland trumps all other European countries.

10. The Home of Tayto

Ireland is the home of Tayto potato chips. These much-loved chips, iconized by the Mr Tayto potato mascot are the ultimate treat of the nation. They have even nabbed the top spot of “most missed” food by Irish emigrants overseas, according to recent studies by Diaspora Decides.

What is life without Tayto? Well, we sure as hell don’t want to know, hence why so many of us stick to the good life in Ireland.

9. Where’s The Traffic?

Bar Dublin traffic, which is an unfavourable force to be reckoned with, traffic in Ireland is pretty damn tame, to the point of being non-existent, in fact.

Whilst most of our fair country has retained it’s natural, undeveloped beauty (outside of the cities of course), you can be sure to find quiet stretches perfect for a long-drive or weekend road trip. Take that, rest of Europe!

8. Tea Life

In Ireland, tea is life. If you’re not from here, heads up: you can expect to be offered a lot of tea, especially when entering people’s homes. This is seen as a sign of welcome, so never say no!

Not only do we have a love affair with tea, but we also have some of the best tea in the world. Two major brands (Barry’s and Lyons) battle it out for the top spot. Want to have your say? Come to Ireland and try them out, then you’ll see why tea is better here!

7. Nature, Nature Everywhere!

Just Google images of Ireland and you’re bound to be blown away. Without a doubt, Ireland has some of the most impressive scenery in the world, let alone Europe – and we’re proud of it, too!

Ireland is an ancient land of mysticism and history with stunning nature, scenery, flora and fauna all in arms reach. Prepare to be amazed.

6. The Lingo

Slang is one of the unique qualities which makes Ireland great. Our use of the English language is comical and our colloquial phrases which are as common as they are random, seem to just swim in the air.

Check out our recent article on mad Irish phrases to get further insight. Needless to say, this quirky Irish trait puts us leaps ahead in the “Best Country in Europe” list.

5. Size Matters

We’re small and we’re proud of it. Like really small. As in, you can drive across the country in as little as four hours. That’s one of our finest qualities in fact. If you’re keen for a weekend trip, just hop in the car – nothing is too far out of the way!

On top of that, our small size lends to small-town community vibes nationwide. And, even though we have a population of 4.78 million people, somehow, you always seem to know bloody everyone.

4. All the Banter

We’re famous for it, and it is certainly a quality which gives us “best country” status. Banter is our sense of humour. It is dry and sarcastic and can be downright hilarious.

It can also be described as “taking the piss” which is a playful style of “messing about” with your mate(s). Often times this can be misconstrued as mockery but it’s just “banter”, so no hard feelings!

3. Electric Culture

Our culture is electric and there’s no disputing that. Ireland is a land of musicians and poets, playwrights and writers.

You don’t have to wander far to see this truth in reality, whether that’s a writer’s museum, a “trad session” in a local bar or murals that dance across city walls.

2. The Friendliest Bunch Going

Ireland has consistently been considered to have some of the friendliest people in the world.

In fact, in 2018, three cities in Ireland were featured amongst the top 10 friendliest cities in the world (Dublin, Cork and Galway). Needless to say, this is a solid reason why Ireland is the best country in the world, not to mention Europe.

1. The Home of Guinness

Ireland is the home of Guinness. It flows in our veins and is probably the most notable example of a beverage defining a nation. Need we say more?

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