10 Reasons Dating An Irish Person Is A GREAT IDEA

Dating an Irish person is a great idea.

It’s hard to miss the Irish – they seem to be everywhere! Descendants of the Irish and the new Irish themselves retain a lot of qualities you’d look for in a partner, more than you might think!

Here’s our reasons why Irish people are among the best for dating.

1. The life of the party

This reputation proceeds us in many ways – and it’s not as if we can say much to refute it! The Irish are among the foremost brewers and purveyors of the black stuff in not only Europe but the world at large.

The Germans might have the historical brewery industry of much renown, the Russians may have an overwhelming reputation for slamming the drink back, but no country combines the two in such a culturally significant way.

We Irish can hold our drink well but we are also known for being the great fun at any party! Just ask other nations how our fans behaved at major finals, everyone loved us!

Watch the best of Irish fans at Euro 2016 below:

2. Irish Mammies are the best

A purely Irish phenomenon, The Irish Mammy is the archetypal sweetheart nearly every Irish person has. The Irish Mammy is far removed from the typical in-law nightmare you’ve had before – the Irish Mammy is the perennial Mrs. Weasley come to life, welcoming, homely, adorable and loving.

Irish mammies are the head honcho’s of cooking and will make you a Sunday roast that’s damn near transcendental, and do their best to keep her son or daughter on the straight and narrow. If your partner has an Irish Mammy, odds are that they’re a keeper.

3. Unreal Craic

The Irish work well within our own stereotypes – we are the sort to embrace Darby O’Gill, Leprechauns and St. Patrick when other countries would fob off such notions as archaic or primitive. Simply put, the Irish like to have fun!


That idea of craic permeates the entirety of Irish nightlife and entertainment. No matter what the Irish themselves do, they do it with a small and in good spirit.

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4. Friends Everywhere

Dating an Irish person is really like joining an extra social network, it’s the physical Facebook in a way. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Irish seem to know everyone!

Socialising is a huge part of Irish culture, and everyone will know the right friend, the right barman, the right club owner, it’s a social passport for the nightlife in Ireland!

Same applies when dating an Irish girl, and here are 10 other good reasons to!

5. A land of intellects

Ireland’s not called “The Land of The Saints and Scholars” for nothing! For all the exposure of the Irish being a wee bit belligerent when out on the town, the Irish retain a fiercely quick wit and intellect, being among the sharpest group you’d ever want to meet.

6. Sexy Accents

Most immediately, the thing you’ll notice in the Irish person is the brogue – a wider reaching and broader accent you would be hard pressed to find. The angular twangs of a Dublin accent, the crooning Donegal intonation, the verbal-tick of the Sligo style brogue, it’s brimming with the character as extensive as a Journal’s appendices.

7. Good Looks

Contrary to popular belief, the Irish are in fact not leprechauns with thick foreheads and even thicker tongues. The Irish are an exuberantly fit, clear-skinned, pretty people.

It’s easy to see why. The women – pale and haunting, thick falling locks of red, blonde and brown. The men – a brusque masculinity, broad and dark haired. The Irish are well into our sports too, you’ll rarely find an Irishman or woman who’s not played for a team or is into fitness at some level!

8. Quick Wits

The quick wit of the Irish is renowned worldwide, Ireland having a long, rich history of comedians and writers giving us a reputation as being silver-tongued and witty. Dating an Irish person is like dating a full-time public speaker, with the confidence and wit that comes along with it!

9. The Irish make a great cup of tea

It’s impossible to say without bragging. The English, the Scottish, the French, they can craft a fine cuppa, make no mistake. But when it comes down to brass tacks, no country this side of China have had the teapot burned into their culture as strongly as the Irish.

It’s practically a right-of-passage, with every developing their own fiercely acute way of brewing. The Irish are the only people who will bring a spark of passion into tea, the true connoisseurs of the kettle and mug!

10. We are loyal partners and friends

One cursory look at Irish history shows a lineage of fierce determinism, unwavering strength and a tenacious loyalty to friends, family, and country. Gaining the confidence of an Irish person is a mark of both great fondness and respect, a friend for life who’ll jump in to defend you at any angle, in any way, at any time.

Friendship and comradery are paramount to an Irish person and dating an Irish man or women ensure a stable, loving relationship that will fight for your interests and endear themselves endlessly to you.

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