10 pubs and bars in Waterford you need to visit before you die

Here are our 10 favourite pubs and bars in Waterford that you need to have a pint at in your lifetime.

10 pubs and bars in Waterford you need to visit before you die

Waterford is a characterful city that offers both visitors and locals a unique experience different from what you’ll find in the rest of Ireland.

Vikings first founded this ancient city in 914 A.D, and what remains today is a major townland rich in local culture, heritage sites, and medieval infrastructure.

While Waterford’s ancient past still shines through today, the city also offers a vibrant contemporary culture with terrific nightlife options.

For all of you keen to check out Ireland’s leading Viking city, make sure to stop by these top ten pubs and bars in Waterford!

10. Phil Grimes – the hidden gem

10 pubs and bars in Waterford you need to visit before you die include Phil Grimes
Credit: @snugcast / Instagram

This local’s favourite may pose as a pretty unassuming option from the outside, but what lies beneath is one of Waterford’s top hidden gems.

Late night liveliness is a given here as friends and strangers (aka friends you just don’t know) cheers pints of local ale and imported brew.

Live music is also a common feat at Phil Grimes; just arrive early to snag a good seat.

Address: 60 Johnstown, Waterford, Ireland

9. The Three Shippes – for live sports

10 pubs and bars in Waterford you need to visit before you die include the Three Shippes
Credit: @thethreeshippesBrigBar / Facebook

Sitting on the corner of William Street, The Three Shippes is your typical Irish traditional pub atmosphere with a splash of nautical design thrown in for good measure.

This lively local is favoured for its pub grub and live sports and is perhaps the preeminent haunt for catching the big game in Waterford city.

Address: 18 William St, Waterford, X91 KX20, Ireland

8. Katty Barry’s – for Monday night madness

10 pubs and bars in Waterford you need to visit before you die include Katty Barry's

Katty Barry’s is your typical Viking pub in County Waterford. It offers a terrific atmosphere, rich in décor and design and is always vibrant with locals sipping on local brews.

Monday night is when things truly kick off at Katty Barry’s, with live music and tonnes of banter to be had.

Address: 2 Mall Ln, Waterford, Ireland

7. The Munster Bar – for history

10 pubs and bars in Waterford you need to visit before you die include Munster Bar
Credit: @themunsterbar / Facebook

This old-school medieval pub is set in the heart of The Viking Triangle in Waterford city, making it super accessible for a stop on the tourist trail.

Rich in history the building dates back to 1822 and it was formerly a coach house; today, however, the venue is warm and cosy with a roaring fire and home cooked fare.

Address: 11 The Mall, Waterford, X91 EF2D, Ireland

6. The Tap Room – for traditional design

10 pubs and bars in Waterford you need to visit before you die include the Tap Room
Credit: @rico.avalanche / Instagram

Located in Ballybricken in Waterford, this atmospheric traditional Irish pub offers warm, snug and characterful surroundings perfect for a pint of Guinness.

Expect open fires and bric-a-brac décor which unconditionally alludes to the authentic Irish pub style.

Address: 56 Ballybricken, Waterford, Ireland

5. The Gingerman – pub grub for all

10 pubs and bars in Waterford you need to visit before you die include the Gingerman

Sitting not far from Red Square in the Viking Triangle is The Gingerman, a traditional local’s pub with a great atmosphere.

This local is one of the oldest in the city and has tonnes of history, too; although with a recent revival, customers can kick back in modern comforts while enjoying its old-school charm.

The Gingerman is known for its food offering also which covers everything from fresh seafood to a vegetarian menu and even kids offering, too!

Address: 6 Arundel Ln, Waterford, Ireland

4. The Reg – the all-in-one

10 pubs and bars in Waterford you need to visit before you die include the Reg

This upmarket gastro bar and restaurant is certainly one of the best in Waterford. The all-in-one venue offers everything from lunchtime snacks to late night pursuits, with a rooftop terrace and nightclub on-site.

From live traditional music to some of the freshest seafood in all of the city, The Reg is one of the best bars in Waterford.

Set in the beating heart of the Viking Triangle, this gastropub offers endless evening entertainment with five bars, locals and tourists, too.

Address: 2 The Mall, Waterford, Ireland

3. Tom Maher’s – the old-school pub

Tom Maher's is an old-school pub
Credit: B K / TripAdvisor

Tom Maher’s is one of Waterford’s top old school pubs. Acting as a portal between the past and present, this Waterford pub is clad in the charms of watering holes from days gone by.

Visitors are sure to expect a warm welcome, while a trad music session begins on impromptu in the bar. Unfussy wooden décor will denote the design while pints of Guinness flow freely.

Address: O’Connell St, Waterford, Ireland

2. Henry Downes – the family-run pub

Henry Downes is a family-run pub
Credit: @alan.landy / Instagram

This laid-back pub in Waterford is a family-run establishment. In operation since 1759, it is safe to say this is truly a local’s spot with an all-welcome policy.

Seeing as it is a slight bit off the beaten track, visitors can expect a more low-key vibe while friends challenge each other over games of snooker and couples cosy up in intimate snugs.

Address: 10 Thomas St, Waterford, Ireland

1. Geoff’s – the trendy Waterford local

Waterford locals love Geoff's bar
Credit: @WestSideBlazer / Twitter

Geoff’s would be the top trendy Waterford local in comparison to the other entries on our list.

Much to the enjoyment of millennials – who tend to love an “all-in-one” atmosphere – this joint doubles over as a lunch spot during the day (with a cracking sandwich deal) before becoming one of the best pubs in Waterford by night.

Address: 9 John St, Waterford, Ireland

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