10 INSANE deep sea diving trips in Ireland

Ireland boasts some of the most breath-taking landscapes in the world, from steep cliffs to phenomenal mountain views.

However, the Emerald Isle also the home of spectacular sea views, from the shore and underwater.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and delve into the hidden depths of Irish waters.

Here are 10 places you can go deep sea diving all over the country.

1. Scubadive West – Galway

Located in the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way, this diving centre offers snorkelling, scuba diving, boat diving and activities geared towards children.

Have you what it takes to travel into the deep ocean? Individuals from eleven years old and upwards can be trained to communicate underwater with hand signals and are shown the natural reefs that have grown in the area.

2. Feelgood Scuba – Dublin

Less than an hour from Dublin city centre, this diving centre in Howth offers a range of water-based activities including powerboating, stand-up paddle boarding and scuba diving.

Participants can take part in the Scuba (Try Dive) indoor pool to start off and can eventually progress to open water dives of up to eighteen metres deep. What is unique about this centre is that it has facilities available to train disabled individuals so they too can dive!

3. OceanAddicts – Cork

OceanAddicts spotted a Basking shark on the Cork Coast Ireland

Operated by married couple Graham and Anne Ferguson, the centre combines water activities with education on marine life. Their centre offers the “ReActivate” program to those wishing to refresh their diving skills.

Also on offer is information on some of the beautiful marine species you may encounter on your watery travels. The “Try-A-Dive” program is in place for beginners with an interest in diving!

4. Mevagh Dive Centre – Donegal

With Ireland’s only seawater pool at their base, this centre takes diving enthusiasts to view the wreckage of WW1 U-boats.

The centre’s new catamaran boat the Laura-Dean transports divers to their location. You can take part in scenic scuba diving also at Horn Head and Wherryman Rock. What better way to combine the sea and history by diving into a WW1 burial ground?

5. Dive Academy: Scuba Diving School – Clare

Situated in the beautiful seaside town of Lahinch, this diving school boasts the possession of Ireland’s only indoor Aquarium Tank. This experience offers a dive three metres deep in a seawater environment. Marine life such as blue sharks, seals, lobsters and more can be seen on dives along the Clare coast. Doolin Harbour, a few kilometres up the coast is a key location for multiple varieties of fish.

6. Emerald Diving Ireland LTD – Meath

Emerald Diving offers speciality courses suitable for as night divers and deep sea divers for example. In these, you can experience nocturnal marine life and dive up to 40 metres deep.

You can also learn the techniques of search and discovery, a useful skill to have when diving in potentially hazardous waters. Participants can build up their PADI diving certifications by taking courses at the centre.

7. Kenmare Bay Diving Centre – Kerry

Open from May until October, Kenmare Bay Diving gives you the chance to take part in boat diving. You are trained in basic skills in standing depth water, then progressing to shallow water for 40 – 50 mins. What makes this centre exciting is that sighting aquatic animals such as bottlenose dolphins, fin whales and minke whales is a huge possibility.

8. Offshore Watersports Mullaghmore – Sligo & Donegal Bay

This centre is a haven for all kinds of water-based activities. Children aged eight and over have the opportunity to learn how to use scuba gear and breathe underwater for the first time. More experienced scuba divers can participate in Scuba Dive Safari where you explore the sea life at Main Beg, St John’s Point and Ballyconnell Point. There are fantastic photos of numerous diving trips led by the centre on their website.

9. Ardmore Diving – Waterford

Ardmore is a place with spectacular views of the Co Waterford coastline. The enclosed bay makes for suitable inshore diving. Further out to sea, you can dive down to wrecks on the seabed. You can take part in powerboat instructions. Children are eligible to take part in trainee diving sessions. Training sessions can be organised with Pat Waide.

10. Achill Dive Centre – Mayo

Situated on Achill Island, this centre has activities for divers with all levels of experience. Beginners are taught skills in a classroom setting, followed by a simple quiz and a swim in the shallow water reef. More experienced divers can dive at Keem Bay, a spot for basking sharks in May and June and Innisgalloon, a cove dive which features another beautiful coral reef.

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