10 hilariously bad reviews of well-known pubs in Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of the island of Ireland. Located on the East coast of the country, it is the most densely populated metropolis on the Emerald Isle and home to history and heritage, culture and entertainment.

While Dublin is synonymous with the arts and literature, Irish history and Guinness, it is also often associated with pub culture.

In fact, Dublin is home to around a staggering 772 pubs (accurate as of Feb 2018).

For many people visiting or dwelling in Dublin city, the pub is a leading aspect of the social scene.

The customers mentioned in this article feel a tad different, however. Here are ten hilariously bad Google reviews of Irish pubs in Dublin.

10. O’Neill’s Pub & Kitchen, Dublin 2

It is safe to say that most of the time, a hungover feed is devoid of standard or expectations. Anything that fills that void is usually good enough.

Not in this instance though. Safe to say this is a hilariously bad Google review of an Irish pub in Dublin.

 “Literally the worst meal I have ever eaten in my whole entire mortal life. Went in with an absolutely sinister hangover that needed a cure, and so my standards were very very low. And yet I couldn’t eat anything on the plate it was all so disgusting.”

The original review:

9. The Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Set in the heart of Dublin’s “cultural quarter” the eponymous Temple Bar Irish pub is one of the best known pubs in Dublin.

With a vibrant atmosphere, traditional setting and tonnes of other out-of-towners, many see it as a tourist trap.

This sarcastic customer sums it up his experience:

 “Only go here if you’re an American with more money than sense”

The original review:

Note: we have nothing against American’s! It is just on-point, as it is a touristy pub.

8. The Gin Palace, Dublin 1

If anyone here has ever been in The Gin Palace on Middle Abbey Street, they are certain to relate to this two-star Google review.

“Feels like it wants to be a posh place but is stuck being a pub. It’s a really odd place.”

The original review:

7. The Temple Bar (Part 2), Dublin 2

Here’s another hilariously bad Google review of an Irish pub in Dublin, the Temple Bar. Clearly, this former customer is done with niceties.

 “A hole, this place will milk you dry – just not worth it. Shove it where the sun don’t shine.”

The original review:

6. Neary’s, Dublin 2

This well-trodden traveller feels equipped to make this one-star Google review. And we have to say, it is pretty funny.

“Total kip. Barman has a personality of a stone. Been all over Europe and this by far is the worst pub”

The original review:

5. P. Mac’s

Here’s another totally relatable hilariously bad Google review of an Irish pub in Dublin: P. Mac’s.

Anyone who has ever been to this trendy hipster bar, just off South William Street, will know exactly what this customer means. In fact, we may have even been one of them.

“Too many tinder dates”

The original review:

4. The Confession Box, Dublin 1

We’re not entirely sure of what this review means. Saying that we’re not entirely sure if they know what they mean, either.

“Too much singing. Not enough not singing.”

The original review:

3. Sin É, Dublin 1

Located on the quays, this hipster dive bar is a solid shout for live music and loose vibes. This reviewer nails it right on the head!

“Loud and messy. It can be a good thing or a bad thing depending who you ask.”

The original review:

2. J.W. Sweetman, Dublin 2

Sitting opposite the O’Connell Street Bridge in the heart of Dublin city J.W. Sweetman.

Now, you see a lot of hilariously bad Google reviews of Irish pubs in Dublin online, but no one could have guessed this remark.

“As disappointing as gout”

The original review:

1. Grogan’s, Dublin 2

This Google review of this Irish pub in Dublin is funny for numerous.

Firstly, this pub is located in the heart of the city’s “creative quarter”, so we’re not exactly sure what the customer expected. Secondly, Dublin’s art types and poets are what we have been famed for, for generations.

In all in all, is this supposed to be a criticism?

 “Too packed with art types and poets”

The original review:

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