10 Hilariously Bad Reviews from Supermac’s around Ireland

Ireland’s most famous fast food chain, Supermacs is dubbed by many as the Irish equivalent of McDonald’s.

Spotted in towns across the Emerald Isle, en masse, the fast-food joint is considered a favourite of those from out-of-city territories and is popular for food such as burgers, fries and milkshakes.

While some Irish people think Supermac’s food is heaven, not everyone agrees.

Don’t believe us? Check out these hilariously bad reviews from Supermacs around Ireland.

Note: these reviews have been taken from Google and have not been changed or edited in any way and do not represent the views of our site.

10. Supermacs Location: Drogheda Road, Mell, M1 Retail Park, County Louth

This customer at the Supermacs in County Louth had a newfound epiphany when receiving their meal: it turns out the photo images bear absolutely no relevance to what you have ordered. Well, at least the service was good…oh, never mind…

“Apparently the pictures on display are wrong and you don’t actually get what you ordered also 1 persons meal wasn’t ready until we had all eaten. Ran by a Load of kids that have absolutely zero customer service skills”

The original review:

9. Supermacs location: Athlone Road, Ardsallagh More, Roscommon

I think it is pretty safe to say this customer isn’t trying to be a d**k; seriously, who on earth would like to sit down to a meal and be confronted by excessively loud news headlines?

“English news from Sky TV blasting in your face while trying to enjoy some food. So depressing”

The original review:

8. Supermacs location: Powerstown Road, Burgagery-Lands East, Clonmel, County Tipperary

This person may have left disappointed after their visit to Supermacs in Clonmel, but at least they’ve finally figured out the system: you must first wait until the staff has finished retelling tales of Friday night, before ordering. Makes sense… 

 “Stand there for 5 mins and then they will serve you after having a chat with there work mate”

The original review:

7. Supermacs Location: 47-49 Talbot Street, Mountjoy, Dublin 1, D01 H798

It’s one thing to leave a restaurant frustrated about the time-wait or disappointed in its pricing, but if you can genuinely say you’ve lost the will to eat again, we’re going to guess it wasn’t the best restaurant experience you’ve had yet.

“Mad slow and extremely over priced + the toilets look like prison cells never eating again”

The original review:

6. Supermacs location: Kennedy Road, Dillonsland, Navan, County Meath

Short and sweet, this reviewer slaps on a one-star and gets straight to the point!

“Long wait for rubber food”

The original review:

5. Supermacs location: Old Bundoran Road, Ballytivnan, Sligo

Three simple words sum up this review of Supermacs in Ballytivnan, County Sligo.

All we can assume is that they won’t be a returning customer.

“Cremated overpriced chicken”

The original review:

4. Supermacs location: Ballyhaunis Road, Lavy Beg, Charlestown, County Mayo

There are some people out there who use language to add drama and excitement to their reviews; others go straight for the jugular. In this instance, we find the latter.

“Got a pizza here and it was S***e”

The original review:

 3. Supermacs location: Main Street, Carrownluggaun, Ballyhaunis, County Mayo

It is hard to know whether this Supermacs reviewer is being ironic or literal.

We could assume that they simply were never there and do not understand the purpose of a Google review, or that they dearly wish to forget their experience in Supermacs in Ballyhaunis, County Mayo. Either way, it’s pretty damn funny.

“Was never there”

The original review:

2. Supermacs location: 1-6 North Main Street, Cork

The term “limp” evokes all sorts of unappetising notions. It also makes for a pretty funny review.

“had a limp burger here”

The original review:

1. Supermacs location: Shannon Town Centre, Tullyvarraga, Shannon, County Clare

This past customer sums up his view of Supermacs – in Shannon and in general – in one eloquent statement.

It is fair to say this is one of the most hilariously bad reviews of Supermacs in Ireland on the go!

“The Irish version of McDonalds, it’s everything fast food you could ask for; Heartburn, high fat, and the greasy taste of a bad decision, all rolled into one.”

The original review:

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