10 amusing reviews of Dublin’s top late-night take-out: Charlie’s

Charlie’s is a favourite late-night Dublin take-out place with a number of on-point Google reviews. Here are 10 for your amusement.

If you’ve been to Dublin or are lucky enough to reside in the capital of Ireland, you’re sure to be somewhat familiar with Charlie’s. This late-night fast-food chain specialises in Asian fusion food, with a particular focus on Malaysian and Chinese food.

Operating mostly under the blanket of the night sky, its selection of Eastern fare is generally only sought after midnight by those who have worked up an appetite on the dance floor. Saying that, Charlie’s does possess its own loyal band of followers who challenge the usual perception that it is fundamentally “drunk food”.

While we have to admit that sometimes the most satisfying food in the entire world can be the most indulgent, all we can say is that oftentimes those dishes are best saved for the odd inebriated night out!

Credit: Eu B / TripAdvisor

The chain restaurant currently operates out of multiple locations in Dublin city. There is one on Westmoreland Street – in the heart of night bus territory. Another is on South Great George’s Street in the centre of the late-night Dublin bar scene. We’ve checked out the reviews at these locations, and boy, were we amused.

Whether you favour it by day or devour it by night, those of you looking for a little comic relief might enjoy these ten on-point Google reviews of the well-known Asian take-out Charlie’s in Dublin.

10. The warning

Unfortunately, this review on Google doesn’t merit Charlie’s as a food joint. The dramatic capitalised warning for us to “RUN AWAY” is quite amusing, however! As are the spelling errors…

The full review says: “RUN AWAY. Whorst noodles of my while life. Bad quality ingredients, poor cooking.”

9. The customer who clearly visited after a night out

Seeing as it’s practically impossible to make neither head nor tail of this review’s first sentence, we’re going to guess that this customer wrote this review post-Charlie’s after a night out in Temple Bar. And there is nothing wrong with that!

The reviewer explains: “It’s just that late night curry shop at night-time or Chinese sit in or take away. I’ll tell you one thing it’s handy if you’ve been drinking in Temple Bar and you’re hungry after drinking too much.”

8. The pros and the cons

This Charlie’s customer has weighed up the pros and cons, and this is how they’ve balanced it out…

Here’s the review: “Lovely hot food.. chicken a little questionable.. but it’s great for a rough hangover.”

7. The short summary

It is clear that this customer wastes no time faffing about. For them, the reality of Charlie’s can be summed up in just six words. Thank you for your efficiency!

The reviewer says: “Best you can get at 4 am”.

6. Friends with #9

This customer may have been supposed to share a taxi home with the customer from review #9 due to the poor use of grammar. That’s not to say we don’t wholeheartedly agree, however!

The reviewer remarks: “Great after I nite on the beer”.

5. Charlie’s is the answer

It’s a simple question, with a one-word answer. Charlie’s? Yes!

The reviewer states: “If you’re drunk.. SAY YES!!!”

4. Risky business

This customer is clearly a bit of a risk-taker and fair play to you! While many restaurant-goers like to get exactly what they’ve ordered, it seems this person likes to live on the edge and believes Charlie’s is a place to do so.

The reviewer says: “You get what you are given, could be anything”.

3. Hungry Tummy Solution 101

As per this customer’s review, Charlie’s in Dublin only satiates one’s hunger between 4-5am, apparently. In those 60 minutes, however, it will do a fantastic job!

Here’s the review: “Fast Asian (mainly Chinese) food. Great for the hungry tummy at 4-5AM. Would not recommend otherwise!”

2. You can’t say they didn’t warn you

One could argue that this is why Charlie’s is only truly popular past midnight!

The reviewer says: “Poor food unless you are drunk. Enter at your own risk.”

1. An ode to Charlie’s

This warm and well-wishing review on Google is almost an ode to the late-night Dublin Asian restaurant that is Charlie’s in Dublin. Safe to say, this is a returning customer who favours the joint best past midnight.

The reviewer reflects: “Oh, Charlie’s. How many late night, drunken feasts have I enjoyed in your school-cafeteria style chairs? Your spice box isn’t bad either.”

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