TOP 12: Beers that everyone should try in Ireland…

Ireland is known worldwide for its most famous drink: Guinness. Yet, there is a lot of other delicious beers that are worth trying when you are in Ireland. We have compiled a list of the top 12 Irish beers that everyone should try (provided you are 18 or older!)

12. Guinness

Guinness Irish Beer

This includes Guinness Draught, Extra Stout, and Foreign Extra Stout. With deep, dark and satisfying flavours and distinctly smooth aromas, the three varieties of Guinness brews are undoubtedly among the most popular Irish beers, especially in the US.

Some may argue that Guinness should be Number One on this list, and to some extent, this may be correct as it is Ireland’s most famous drink. However, Guinness gets its fair share of praise so it’s time to give other great beers the spotlight.

11. Harp Lager

harp irish beer

Harp Lager was created in 1960 by Guinness in its Great Northern Brewery, Dundalk. Light in colour and refreshing in flavour, this highly-favoured European-style lager is unlike the rest as it boasts a smooth and sharp finish.

10. O’Hara’s Irish Wheat


Joining fruits such as bananas, peaches and plums with traditional hops, this golden wheat ale is smooth and thirst-quenching. Although not the common Irish stout, this tasty brew is perfect for those who prefer a lighter, easy-drinking option.

9. Porterhouse Brewing Co. Oyster Stout

porterhouse stout irish beer

Truly unique, Porterhouse’s Oyster Stout is a Dublin favourite dark and aromatic beer with interesting blends of flavourful grains, hops and fresh oysters.

8. Yardsman Lager 4.8%


Hercules became the first brewery to open in Belfast for 160 years back in 2014. It’s three flagship Yardsman brews are among the best you’ll find in the city.

7. O’Hara’s Celtic Stout


This full-bodied, smooth and dry Irish stout combines the rich flavour of smooth coffee with traditional hops and tasty notes of liquorice.


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  • Guinness65

    “Often referred to as smitticks”? What the feck else could you call it?

  • mtxb2010

    Murphy’s is like water compared to Guinness… O’Hara’s stout is quite nice in a bottle, I’d love to try it on nitro. If the bottled stout is any indication, it’s hugely better than Murphy’s.