TOP 10: Things You Need To Experience In Limerick…

5. Desmond Hall


This impressive hall was used by the earls of Desmond when entertaining and banqueting. It was built in the 15th century over the remains of an existing 13 century hall. It takes approximately 1 hour to visit this attraction so use it as part of a day of several activities.

4. The Hunt Museum


The collection within here would rival the greatest museums of the world. Its current collection spans from the neolithic age right through to the modern 20th century. There is no end to the artefacts contained within. You will find works from Picasso next to Yeates and artifacts from Greece, Rome, Egypt next to artifacts of Olmec civilization. One unique feature of this museum is you can actually browse their full collection on its own website.

4. Curraghchase Forest Park


This is a truly impressive 313-hectare estate with a mixture of lakes and woodland. The House itself was built in the 18th Century and home to the poet Audrey De Vere. In 1941 the house was destroyed by a fire and then bought by the state in 1957 thus allowing them to develop the estate into the magnificent public center we have today.

2. Adare Village


If you were even to simply to drive through this village you will understand why it is referred to as “Ireland’s Prettiest Village”. The houses are ornate due to their beautiful color schemes and thatched cottages and the streets are immaculately kept. If you are looking for the postcard Irish town then look no further. The town dates back to the 13th century and developed due to the rich River Maigue. Within in the village you find the beautiful Adare Manor hotel and a small visitor center.

1. King John’s Castle

Limerick City, home of the handsome King John's Castle, has had the honour of being named Ireland's inaugural National City of Culture for 2014.

This is a castle that has had millions of euros invested in it to create the ultimate interactive visitor experience. The castle is from the 13th century and was built on the banks of the River Shannon which is the longest river in Ireland. Due to this the castle was a hub of trade and activity for many years, even before King John commissioned the building of it there was a famous Viking village here which was discovered during an archaeological dig in the 1900.

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